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Thread: Cover Free

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    Cover Free

    There are mixed reviews for this product online and even on this website so I thought that I would share my experience here.

    I live in a very warm climate and it is almost Spring here. Daytime temps have been approaching 80 degrees with lows at night in the 60's. My water temp has fluctuated between 60 and 64 degrees. So, in order to speed the process I bought some Cover Free at Leslie's as it was on sale.

    So after using it for 2 weeks now I can safely say that it simply does not work. My water temp has stayed between 60 and 64 and it definitely has not slowed evaporation either. Now, that in itself is not the worst part! This stuff burns up my Chlorine, big time! I have gone from adding half a gallon of liquid chlorine twice a week to having to add it every other day. All other factors have been relatively constant (temps, no bather load, etc.).

    So all I can say is don't bother with this stuff, not only does it not work, it costs you more in the long run due to excess Chlorine consumption.
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    Re: Cover Free

    It's a decent idea in theory, these chemical cover products that purport to reduce evaporation rates from the pool by coating the top surface of the pool water with a chemical that prevents evaporation. However, if there is any wind or turbulence on the surface of the water, the chemical is simply mixed around in the top layer of the pool, resulting in poor performance, preventing the product from working as intended.

    I'm sure that in a laboratory setting with no water turbulence, these products perform well. In a real pool with circulation and wind... not so much. I have not tried the products myself as just thinking about this in a "thought experiment" didn't give me much optimism in their effectiveness.
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    Re: Cover Free

    I never really paid much attention to this product until your post, after which I obtained the MSDS to see what was actually in this item. Unfortunately, the MSDS doesn't really say much. I couldn't find anything on-line in my few minutes of searching to confirm the specific ingredients/chemicals. I'm always skeptical about things like that - seem too good to be true.
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    Re: Cover Free

    Over and over, we get reports of failure for these products to be really effective. It DOES sound just doesn't work well.
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    Re: Cover Free

    There are a few limited conditions at our pool n which it "works" but perhaps not in a meaningful way...I post this only for others reading.

    So lets say its October and you live in Michigan where it might be 40 degrees at night and 70 during the day and your a crazy woman who heats your pool to 86 for your morning swims and you don't have or want a pool cover due to footprint of pool area. You like to swim at 7 am and no, it will not be anywhere near 70 degrees yet You don't really want your gas bill to be more than $300 that month.

    The water is still in the am after the drop to 40 degrees. Faint wafts of steam coming off the pool, where the water tension is not broken. Then you dive in, breaking the water tension. Suddenly there is literally a "fog" rising from your dive point.

    Up until the point of diving, the CoverFree was a good idea in this case. Subsequent to the point of swimming, it will be an ok idea again until you run the robot and disturb the water surface. On a windy day, its a bad idea again. But the nature of the product is to form a one molecule thick layer that is lighter than water. So it will "reform" when the wind stops.

    With this kind of temp differential, you can actually see the difference upon application. But its use is limited...and if you're willing to use a cover, then the cover wins hands down

    Maybe this fall or early spring I should try a bucket test and do a 2-day bucket test to see if there's truly a 70% evaporation differential. My husband is convinced it makes a difference on the heating bill in shoulder seasons but we can't exactly run a control

    But I will say that in my experience, I use an average of 2-3 ppm FC per day when the pool is heated, dosing to 7, and I've not noticed any differential in FC use based on whether the CoverFree has worn off or not. I will pay attention this season and see if I notice a difference!

    Its exciting to talk/think about such a test, because at the moment, its 8 degrees here Maybe I should put a drop in my coffee and go stand on my deck to see what happens
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