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Thread: Old Drain Cover Replacement

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    Old Drain Cover Replacement


    I have a pool / spa combination, and it's an old pool -- probably over 20 years old. Anyhow, I'm trying to replace the drain covers (mostly because I'm trying to troubleshoot why my spa air jets are not really working even though we just replaced all the pumps recently -- and I have a feeling as I pry the old ones off they will most certainly break. My current working theory is that one of the air jets is clogged up and it's messing with the general air / water mixing. But I digress).

    The current covers do not seem to be screwed in (at least where the screw holes are -- there are no screws in place. The diameter measures 7 3/4 inches. These covers definitely are not VGB compliant, so it's good for me to replace them anyhow. The question I have is: What product should I use to replace these covers? Seems like hardly anyone out there does 7 3/4 inch diameter covers.

    Because I don't want to pry the old ones off (for fear of breaking them), I'd like to first purchase covers that I can replace these ones with. Is there a product that doesn't require screws? If not, and if there are no screw holes, what should I do? I prefer not to have to break out a jackhammer and replace the whole outlet! (not like I'd be the one doing the work, but if a $15 replacement part ends up costing a few thousand bucks to replace a bunch of hardware, I'm going to be very, very sad.


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    Re: Old Drain Cover Replacement

    Paramount SDX retrofit suction cover will work. Bust out the old cover and leave the mud ring intact, the SDX retrofit cover will come with an assortment of fasteners that will work. Make sure to follow the manufacturer installation instructions.

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    Re: Old Drain Cover Replacement

    Thank you for your response! I'll try it.

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