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Thread: bleach vs shock ??

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    bleach vs shock ??

    I just bought some bleach from the dollar store, $2.50 for 1.35 gallons. I want to understand what the idea of using bleach instead of shock is. I would like to hear from some of you instead of trying to read and calculate right now, sorry but I am being lazy but also want to hear it from some of the more experienced people in here. I know shock will add CYA to my water and bleach I guess will not. the Bleach is 6% sodium Hypochlorite(7.5% available chlorine). The suggestion here is to add the bleach everytime i need to raise my chlorine level ? And about how many ppm does say a 1/2 gallon raise it (i know it depends on some other factors but could anyone guess at this a little ?) Is there a price savings for using bleach over shock at about $2.50 price per 1 pound bag of shock (I just bought some shock at a Sam's Club, 55.5% available chlorine).
    Thanks and i am already trying to read as much as I can on this website.
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    Re: bleach vs shock ??

    There's a ton of good reading up in "Pool School" You will find that "shock" is something you do to your is not really a product altho the pool chem companies label their stuff as "Shock" allo the time....very misleading.

    What you are using from the pool store is Calcium Hypochlorite. It adds chlorine to your pool just like many other products, including bleach.

    The big advantage in bleach is there are no side affects.......the costs usually work out about the same with bleach usually being a little cheaper but not much.

    .5 gallons of 6% bleach will raise your FC 1.4ppm.
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    Re: bleach vs shock ??

    Hi and Welcome.

    First off, let me start by saying Shock is something you do, not something you buy, but the pool stores and chem manufacturers won't tell you this.

    We recommend you avoid Dollar Store bleach, frequently users have reported the solution has lost its strength because the bleach is old or sat around in un-ideal conditions affecting its strength. Wal-mart And Target, among other store brands, have better reputations, Aldi bleach is okay too.

    Here is some info on various chlorine sources:

    Quote Originally Posted by waterbear
    This might help:
    1 1 lb bag of 35% lithium hypo will raise 10000 gallons 4 ppm FC
    1 1lb bag of 48% cal hypo (the most common kind) will raise 10000 gal 5.5 ppm FC
    1 1lb bag of 68% cal hypo (the most common super shock strength) will raise 10000 gal 7.5 ppm FC
    1 1 lb bag of 73% cal hypo (getting very difficult to find) will raise 10000 gal 9 ppm FC
    1 gal of 5.25% bleach will raise 10000 gal 5.25 ppm FC
    1 gal of 6% bleach or liquid pool chlorine will raise 10000 gal 6 ppm FC
    1 gal of 10% liquid pool chlorine will raise 10000 gal 10 ppm FC
    1 gal of 12.5% liquid pool chlorine will raise 10000 gal 12.5 ppm FC
    Also, one of our Special Contributors, Richard/Chem Geek did a cost analysis and found liquid chlorine or bleach to be the cheapest source of chlorine.

    There is a definite cost savings because bleach or liquid chlorine add nothing unwanted to your pool, where as other sources add either calcium or CYA and they can lower your PH. So while the other products might seem to be one thing, when you look past the surface the ideal source is simple plain ole bleach or liquid chlorine. Very often pool stores have good buy's on 10% or 12.5% liquid chlorine or they might call it "Pool Shock". I just bought a couple gallons of 12.5% for $2.99 each.
    Helpful links: Pool School; CYA/Chlorine Chart
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    Re: bleach vs shock ??

    The post following your original one is from duraleigh, one of a handful of very sage members on this forum. He makes some good points. Go to the Pool School link and read up on things. That's the starting point for you.

    First and foremost, you need to be able to test your water on your own. Of course, you can take it to a pool store and have it tested. But remember this, a pool store makes money by selling you products, namely chemicals, and keeping you coming back for the same things. By reading the articles in Pool School and learning about what balanced water really is, you will save money and time. But in order to know what your water has in it, you need to test for it with a dependable drop-based test kit. Follow the link in duraleigh's signature line to get the best one out there. Once you receive the kit, post your results and we can walk you through everything. In no time at all, you will be swimming in perfectly balanced water and you'll never look back.

    So, order the test kit, utilize the Jason's Pool Calculator from the link located on the left hand side of the TFP homepage, and you'll do fine.

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    Re: bleach vs shock ??

    Thanks for the information. I used to have a PS233 test kit from poolsolutions but due to me not using it over the last year, I think the wife threw it out (without my concent, but still love her). I am starting over on checking my water more often, and have ordered a TF 100 from this site, I should have it in 3-4 days. Our water has, for the most part, stayed crystal clear year round (hurricane Ike did a number on it, we didnt have electricity for 1 full week, the water, she got greeeeen on me but came back quick after electricity was restored). So I am in the process of re-educating myself on exactly what makes water the clearist and the safest, I am sooooo glad this website is here, might take me several readings of "Pool School" to start digesting it all though. Thanks again and will buy my bleach from Target/walmart and I am checking out local pool store for liquid chlorine, they close at 2 pm on Saturdays, my golf game kept me from talking to them today, so I'll call them Monday.
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