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Thread: new Pump VS or single ?

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    new Pump VS or single ?

    Hi, I need to replace my current pool pump and would like to know if I should replace with a similar single speed pump or should I switch to a Variable Speed pump. I would also like comments about the reliability of the VS pumps and brand suggestions. The pool is 35k gallons.

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    Re: new Pump VS or single ?

    I think the juicier option is a dual speed pump rather than a VS or a single speed. You get the flexibility and cost savings of being able to run at a low speed without very much increase in cost at all over a single speed. I wouldn't even consider recommending a single speed to someone replacing a pump. The only argument to be made, IMO, is between a two-speed and a VS pump. That argument is usually decided by how the owner intends on integrating the pump with any existing automation or plans on adding automation. Another deciding factor is utility rates in your area as well as the existence (or not) of peak and off-peak electricity rates.

    If you gather how these factors affect your personal situation, the conclusion will become clear for you.
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    Re: new Pump VS or single ?

    I second Joel, a 2-speed pump is much more economical than a VS. Unless using automation that is designed to take advantage of the variable speeds you will not get enough usefulness out of the price premium the VS carries. I have a 2 speed pump myself and almost never run it on high unless vacuuming or adding acid.

    Also, as this is your first post, let me welcome you to TFP!
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    Re: new Pump VS or single ?

    I have been in the dilemma of 2speed-vs- variable myself. Take Superflow 1.5 HP for an example. I have found the difference between a 2 speed and variable to be $200. Not a massive difference in the front. Variable has pro's that 2speed does not, for example you get a timer that will function different speeds, the newer superflow shows wattage use. Variable also has a negative as needing surge protection ($100-150 upfront) while 2 speed does not.

    So If you are wanting to go 2 speed keep in mind the timer aspect of it if you want control of both speeds (which is often $100+) If you are fine with an existing timer that simply controls on/off for you(not speed) you save that money.

    With Variable keep in mind that you will want to add $100-150 to protect your investment. Variable with my current power utility offers $100 rebate which will offset some of the initial VS burden.

    With all that, I am leaning more toward Variable at the moment because for me, its only about $200 more w/ surge protection & power rebate. Ultimately both are going to do you well and save you quite a bit of money in the longrun. Good luck and welcome to the forum!
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    Re: new Pump VS or single ?

    The 2 speed is more robust by way of its design, being electromechanical, and is easily controlled with a mechanical or digital timer. This design is more tolerant (but not invincible) of dirty power, spikes, and surges. And they get along well with GFCI breakers (2014 National Electric Code requirement). And they are more efficient than their single speed cousins.

    The VS pump offers infinite flexibility with its pump speeds and flow, but it comes at a premium. They cost more because of their construction and motor controller. They are electronically driven, the heart of the motor controller is something called a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). VFD's are more delicate and a lot more sensitive to dirty power, spikes, surges, and lightning. They are also known to nuisance trip a GFCI breaker often, especially during startup. VFD's put out harmonics on the power wires, and this is the most common source of the nuisance GFCI trips. These pumps are the most efficient.

    Other factors to take into consideration is:

    -Your electric rate. Higher rates favor the use of VS pumps. A two speed will still be more efficient than a single speed.
    -Pool setup. Larger pools, built in spas, and water features often require a larger pump and/or higher outputs to ensure adequate flow.
    -Cost. VS pumps are more expensive than the 2 speed pumps. Some utilities will offer a rebate on a VS or a 2 speed (like errorz utility does), never hurts to ask.

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