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Thread: Milky water in new tub

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    Milky water in new tub

    Hi, our old tub (a beachcomber 321) which we had had no real issues with despite our less than perfect maintenance finally died and we bought a MAAX Spa Elite series 4600 hot tub back in October.

    The new tub is fitted with an ozonator and we were advised that it would need different chemical treatment than our old tub (in our old tub we used the Spa Pure line from Home Depot, Part A/B and shock and bromine puck dispenser)

    With our new tub we were given a bottle of Aqua Easyshock and Natural Chemicals Spa Perfect.

    We are on well water so our first task was to balance the alkalinity with muriatic acid.

    With alkalinity and ph balanced we then started our chemical treatment and diligently followed the instructions from the installer. Which were two capfulls of the easyshock twice a week followed by half a capsule of the spa perfect once a week the day after shocking.

    Everything has been fine until last week when the water started getting murky when the jets are on. We also had some foam which we dealt with using defoamer.

    We also noticed that the free chlorine spiked after shocking (no surprise) but it was back to zero the next day.

    I contacted the dealer who informed me that the installer had been fired for giving bad information and that I needed to be using a teaspoon of "Stabilised Chlorine Granules" every time we use the tub, and then to only shock maybe once a week. And that our sanitiser level was causing the issue.

    We have finally got the free chlorine under control but we still have milky/murky water when the jets are on.

    This is the water with the jets offuploadfromtaptalk1454283720059.jpg

    This is the water after the jets have run for a few minutes.

    We have checked the filter and it is dirty but we never had this issue with the old tub and the filters were generally dirtier than this one is when we changed them.

    This is the filter, as I said we are on well water and our filters got generally dirtier in our old tub before we changed them and we never had this water issueuploadfromtaptalk1454283737257.jpg

    What am I doing wrong?

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    Re: Milky water in new tub

    Welcome to TFP!

    It seems like the issue is related to lack of chlorine. Letting FC drop to 0 will allow bacteria to grow quickly and cloud the water. At this point it might be best to flush with Ahh-some, Ahh-Some Water Cleanser for Your Pool, Hut Tub, Jet Bath, Swim Spa and Washing Machine -, drain and refill.

    Here is the process I have used for a couple of years and it works great, How do I use Chlorine in my Spa (or pool)?
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