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Thread: Broken drain plug ...

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    Broken drain plug ...

    So we decided to open the pool ourselves this year to save a little money. All was going fine ... got the plugs back in, drained out the anti-freeze, got the pump going, and got the heater going. All was good until we decided to tighten the plugs. One of the drain plugs on the pump broke at the top. So part is in the hole and the top you would turn broke off and it's leaking a little. Any suggestions on getting that piece out, and can I just go to my local pool store and get another plug? It's a Hayward Super Pump.

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    Re: Broken drain plug ...

    Odds are since it broke it may be a bit snug. Is the plug plastic? Can you get a bite with a pair of channel locks and turn it that way? If it is plastic you can probably punch a flat head screwdriver through it and turn it that way. Or even dremmel a little grove for the screwdriver to fit in.
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    Re: Broken drain plug ...

    Most of the well stocked pool stores around will have a replacement. Mine broke about a month ago. Instead of buying one off the internet for $18, I was able to find one at Leslie's for about $4. Get you some channel locks as mdhwoods suggested and you should be able to get it off. Take it with you to the pool store and they should be able to match it up for you. No need to spring for the name brand plug either. A plug is a plug as long as it is the same size.

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    Re: Broken drain plug ...

    This isn't really a big problem (I have to deal with similar a number of times each year). My first attempt at removing it is to put a flathead screwdriver in the ~ center of the knobless plug and whack it with a hammer, this is usually enough to allow you to unscrew the plug. IF that doesn't do the job, I'll heat up the shaft/ blade of the screwdriver to melt a slot that will allow me to unscrew it.

    Of course you'll need a new plug once you get the old one out - if you have an old / defective pressure gauge on hand, the threads are the same and you can use that (remember to Teflon tape the threads 8) )
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    Re: Broken drain plug ...

    Thanks so much!!! I'm going to try the flat head to start. I called Leslie's and they have the plug for $4. I'll head up in the AM and get a new plug. Never would have thought to heat up the flat head and see if I could get it to slide in that way.

    I knew I could find the answer here - Thanks!!!
    24k gallon IG, Stonescape Tahoe Blue, Hayward Super II pump with 2 speed motor, giant sand filter (zeobrite), PS-8 w/ Aqua-pod2 remote. SWG. Austin, TX.

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