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Thread: going out of town--what do I do?

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    going out of town--what do I do?

    I will be leaving town late next week (I'll leave on Wed. mid-morning). I won't be returning until Monday afternoon. I have my pump set on a timer. Is there any advice for what to do so I don't come home with a green pool? I checked my chems and everything is on target. My CYA is high at 100 so I've gotten my FC up to 8. I added bleach yesterday (2 gallons) and checked again this afternoon and it was still 8 so I added 2 more gallons. Anyway, out in our pool room, I have some skimmer sticks left over from the previous tenent and some algecide 60 that I bought when I first moved in and got pool stored. I really don't want to use the skimmer sticks because of the CYA. But, should I use the algecide, up the chlorine on Tues and again on Wed before I leave and hope for the best? I wish I had someone to pool sit, but I don't.


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    Re: going out of town--what do I do?

    Nah, just shock your pool on Wednesday morning.

    I've gone on two extended vacations for the last 2 summers -11 days and 9 days. I shocked before I left, kept it covered with the solar cover, and my pump runs 24/7 on low. Came home both times to plenty of FC.

    If you want, since you have it on hand, you could add the algaecide. But do it on Monday, and then bump up or shock the FC (the algaecide will consume some of the FC) on Wednesday morning. If you are worried at all about pump malfunction you can ask a neighbor to check on things... or just shut it off. Even if you do return to a green pool, you know how to deal with it...and we'll help. A green pool is not the end of the world.
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