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Thread: Simple Light Quandry... Could Use Some Opinions

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    Simple Light Quandry... Could Use Some Opinions

    OK, the situation is simple, and I'll explain it in short bullet point sentences to keep this short.

    • The house we just bought has an inground pool (14,000 gal) with just one standard (white) light on the one end. It is not an LED.
    • The light had water in it and trips the GFC, so I need to replace it because visible corrosion is evident around the base of the light. I saw that someone had recently reinstalled the gasket wrong when they changed the bulb. Don't get me going about that.
    • The original light is a stainless rimmed, standard Hayward SP053SL fixture in a SP0600(U) niche. I acquired that info when I had the fixture out to inspect it.
    • I want to replace it with a colored LED light (for light show effects).
    • I have read way too many complaints about ALL the brands of LED lights not lasting long. Replacing them requires full replacement at several hundred $$$ a pop.

    So, I'm looking for opinions about two different ways I could go and am hoping I get a consensus about two options I've come up with.

    First option: Just get a new niche-compatible Hayward or Pentair LED fixture (Hayward Colorlogic or Pentair Intellibrite) and hope for the best for longevity.
    Second option: Replace the fixture with the same existing original white light SP053SL, but before installing, change out the standard bulb for a J&J Colorsplash bulb which would allow less expensive and less hassle replacement of the color LED bulb over time if it fails down the road. I'm talking about this one:

    The initial total cost of doing the Second Option would be close to the First Option, but as I noted, might be less expensive and less troublesome to replace down the road.

    I have some reservations about the J&J LED Colorsplash being as bright or good looking as the Hayward or Pentair, but if it measures up, then that would help me make a decision.
    I am also not concerned about having a controller because I know that I will play with light schemes by toggling the switch and will settle on a "best looking" scheme and likely just leave it there.

    I am totally clueless as to which scenario would be more desirable, so please weigh in and give me a "First Option" or "Second Option"... with reasons if possible.
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    Re: Simple Light Quandry... Could Use Some Opinions

    Maybe I don't get out too much anymore but I don't see a lot of early failure complaints about LEDs on here in the last couple of years. That's my impression, not based on any evenhanded study. I'm sure there are plenty of flames on Amazon.

    That said I think you should go with an LED. They are worth it if you can invest the money.

    You need to determine if your fixture is the problem or the light. If the fixture is the problem that means disconnecting the cord in the junction box and pulling some cord back through the conduit when you pull out the entire fixture from the niche. Then you have to install a new light by pulling the cord through the conduit back to the junction box. I don't see the junction box but it should be on the equipment pad or near the pool light.

    Watch a couple youtube videos.
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    Re: Simple Light Quandry... Could Use Some Opinions

    We replaced our color wheel halogen with a LED multi color light which was also tripping the GFI. They are no way near as bright but are ok. Pulling the old light cord out of the conduit took the pool company about 7 hours in our case. If you go with a new one hopefully the cord won't give you the problem we had.
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    Re: Simple Light Quandry... Could Use Some Opinions

    I think I'm selling myself on the idea of just replacing my old SP0583SL50 with a new one of the same part number . It's under $200 on Amazon, and it should install just fine. The actual distance of the wire pull looks to be about 35 ft. which shouldn't be so difficult.

    I still like the idea of color, so I think what I'll do to start out is to get a lens cover either in light blue or dark blue (blue seems to be the most favorite color by consensus) to cover the standard 500 watt bulb and see how I like it.

    My pool isn't terribly large (14K gallon), so if I really have to have a light show LED, I think I'd just pop in the J&J Colorsplash and make it easy on myself.

    I want to be talked into a full 3G or 5G LED fixture by Hayward or Pentair, and I'm not that concerned about the cost. I just like the "simple" idea of starting with the standard replacement for what I already have and go from there.

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