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Thread: Need advice on this bid. Seems high

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    Exclamation Need advice on this bid. Seems high

    Pool Dimensions 35’ x 21’ Interior

    Pool Perimeter 112 linear feet

    Pool Surface Area 567 square feet

    Pool Depth – 3’6” – 6’0”

    Benches 16 linear feet

    Steps – 28 linear feet

    Sun Shelf – 84 square feet

    Spa Dimensions 7’ x 7’ level with pool beam

    Spa Perimeter – 28 linear feet

    Surface Area – 49 square feet

    Depth – 3’6”

    Tile dam wall, $10/ft allowance

    Total Gallons – 19,100 (adjusted for sun shelf & benches)
    APPROVALS – Phase One
    City permit – All fees and inspections included (if applicable)

    Insurance – Two million dollars General Liability Insurance

    Layout – Pool design will be marked in the yard for homeowner and city approval prior
    to excavation

    EXCAVATION – Phase Two
    Fence – Removal of fence as needed

    Rock – Complete rock excavation included

    Materials – All excavated material will be hauled away unless specified
    STEEL – Phase Three

    Pool Shell – 1/2” steel on 10” centers, both ways or per engineered plans (if applicable)

    Pool Bond Beam – 1⁄2” four bar beam

    Alternate Stress Bars – as needed
    PLUMBING – Phase Four

    Pool pipes –Schedule 40 PVC

    4 – 6 directional inlets, depending on pool design & environmental issues

    Pool Skimmers – Two Pentair independently plumbed for optimum control

    Pool Drains – Two VGB compliant Anti-Vortex

    Spa Pipes – up to 3” suction

    Spa Jets – six standard jets with rotating returns

    Auto Fill Line with Dedicated RPZ Valve

    Cleaner Line – one independently plumbed to 3⁄4 HP booster pump
    ELECTRICAL – Phase Five

    Complete electrical connection of all equipment and lighting

    Includes all in-ground service with all terminations, grounding, bonding & mechanical installation

    All electrical shall meet local and national standards including ground fault interrupters

    Lighting and equipment is bonded and grounded for safety

    Safety inspections included

    GUNITE – Phase Six
    Concrete – dry mix gunite rated to exceed APSP building standards

    12” bond beam, 8” – 10” floors

    All above grade walls to be 12”

    All exposed gunite and concrete to be underpinned
    TILE & COPING – Phase Seven

    Pool tile – 6” frostproof band at waterline

    Allowance - $10 per SF

    Pool coping – saw cut limestone
    DECK – Phase Eight

    Reinforcement – 1⁄2” Rebar on 10” centers both ways

    Deck material– 1,150 sf of spray deck

    Demo & remove existing patio

    Turndown beam – 270 SF

    Drainage pipes – as needed

    16 LF of limestone steps

    62 LF of raised planters with chopped limestone fascia

    Includes limestone screen wall for AC unit 8’ x 4’ tall

    PLASTER – Phase Nine

    Pool & Spa interior – custom mix mini pebble level 1
    CLEAN UP – Phase Ten
    Complete job site clean up
    POOL SCHOOL – Phase Eleven
    Pool Builder *edit* will provide a complete pool side Pool School to instruct the homeowner on the
    proper maintenance of the pool

    Filter pump – Pentair Intelliflo 3HP variable speed

    Filter – Pentair DE FNS

    Filter valve – Pentair 2” multiport

    Cleaner – Pentair Racer with 3⁄4 HP booster pump

    Automation – Pentair Screen Logic Bundle for mobile devices

    Sanitizer – Rainbow 320 automatic chlorinator

    Pool lights – two (white) Pentair Intellibrite 5g LEDs

    Spa light – one (white) Pentair Intellibrite 5g LED

    Spa Heater – Aqua Comfort electric heat pump

    Valves – premium brand valves

    Maintenance equipment – 16’ telescopic pole, vacuum head and hose, 18” brush, net & test kit


    Pool shell – lifetime

    Plaster – Lifetime on mini pebble

    Pentair equipment – three year manufacturer’s on part & labor

    Plumbing – three years

    Electrical – three years

    Sanitizers – Two years

    Reroute sprinklers and utility lines if required

    Pool barrier (fence) unless otherwise specified

    Door and window alarms, if required (2017 UL Certified)

    Landscaping, grass

    Upgrade or modify existing electrical or gas meter (service)

    Gutters and drains

    Water supply for filling of pool and for construction use

    Supply accurate property survey sealed by land surveyor (any additional surveys, fees or
    engineering that is required by City, HOA or MUD, will be homeowner’s responsibility.)

    Upgrade fence, gate, latches, railings & alarms to pool code

    PRICING (All prices valid for 30 days)


    Cabana/Kitchen – 23’ x 14’ cedar construction, T-111 cedar ceiling, electrical hook up for
    fan, 12’6” outdoor kitchen with two electrical outlets, 20 LF raised benches +$46,100

    Water Sheer Wall – raised 12” – 18” tall x 37’, chopped limestone fascia, one 18” water
    sheer, electric actuator for water control +$2,800

    Deck upgrade to travertine, level 1 +$13,200
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    Re: Need advice on this bid. Seems high

    Sounds high to me. Have you gotten any other bids? Best to get a few and compare. Just curious, what part of the country are you in? That seems to have a bearing on price fluctuation, but $113k..... sounds high.

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    Re: Need advice on this bid. Seems high

    Quote Originally Posted by pool999 View Post
    Sounds high to me. Have you gotten any other bids? Best to get a few and compare. Just curious, what part of the country are you in? That seems to have a bearing on price fluctuation, but $113k..... sounds high.
    I am in central Texas

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    Re: Need advice on this bid. Seems high

    Sounds way high to me. Is there anything specific to the location that would make the build difficult (e.g., excavation by hand or rocky soil)?

    I just had a similarly sized and spec-ed pool built in the Houston area (see sig) for little more than half that.

    So something isn't right. But it might just be going prices for central TX.

    Definitely get another quote or two. Good luck!
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    Re: Need advice on this bid. Seems high

    Quote Originally Posted by tsmills View Post
    I am in central Texas
    I agree with brdums, I'm in Houston and quotes I got were roughly half that for similar size/specs.

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    Re: Need advice on this bid. Seems high

    Yeah little high for this area
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    Re: Need advice on this bid. Seems high

    If you could post pics of your yard and plans, that would also help. But I agree that seems pretty high.
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    Re: Need advice on this bid. Seems high

    That may be a bid from a super premium builder, but I think you can do much better. Please add your location to your profile, and enjoy the the forum. Good to have you with us!
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    Re: Need advice on this bid. Seems high

    Without knowing location, site constraints and seeing plans its impossible to really give an informed opinion. The one way to get reasonable pricing comparisons and opinions is to get a couple of bids from different contractors on the same basic plan.
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    Re: Need advice on this bid. Seems high

    I am in Austin. It is a flat back yard, with as expected for Austin quickly reaching stone.
    I am aware of the decking being a healthy amount but was expecting 80K for this

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    Re: Need advice on this bid. Seems high

    I know this builder. They built my neighbor's pool and came highly recommended by them. It is a family/friends company and all employees are either family or friends of the owner. The person that does the quote also oversees your job. Plus they don't do that many pools a year so they can be selective with their pricing and I guess enough people pay their prices for them to stay in business. With that said they were my highest bid for the smallest pool. Your pool is bigger, has more deck, and has a spa. My quote was 65k from the same company. So given you are getting the spa, more than double the deck area, and more than 100sq ft of pool than what they quoted me. You can see their pool they designed for me in my build thread. It is on the first page.

    I think the pool they build is top notch but their quotes for such a high dollar have very basic materials. I chose to use another builder and while it was a big pain and it was obvious that this builder is more efficient and gets the job done I am way happier with the pool I got in the end than what they would have built for me.
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    Re: Need advice on this bid. Seems high

    Thank you for the response! I see that you read carefully to pull out that one line.

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    Re: Need advice on this bid. Seems high

    You should try to get at least one more quote. I know it's hard, we contacted 5 pool companies, we indicated that we had the money to pay for the pool that we wanted, and we got one quote after about 2-3 months of trying. Our lot is more difficult than most but still... pool builders in Austin can pick and choose.

    The rock in Austin is a beast. I would bet a large proportion of your bid is excavation. You also have a lot of deck and stone.
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    Re: Need advice on this bid. Seems high

    You really need to get more quotes so you know what your chooses are. That way you can get the best bang for you buck!

    I can't wait to see your build!

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    Re: Need advice on this bid. Seems high

    I would agree with the other posters here that it seems a little high as well. We are currently in the middle of our build with an Austin builder. We are in Leander. It is my second pool to build in the Austin area and I interviewed many builders between the two pools. Having just built our house last year and all the things that go with that as far as dealing with trades or contractors here, I can say that it is their market right now. There is so much construction and growth in this area that even getting someone to keep an appt. is a feat. Pricing is also just rising so I guess if we don't like it, there are others waiting behind us to give them business. That being said I am very happy with our builder and how things are going. Constant communication, onsite daily, many many years experience, and thanks me for the business every time he sees me. Keep interviewing until you get that comfortable feeling and good luck!
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