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Thread: Pool overflowing.

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    Pool overflowing.

    Hi new here, but I've been following and looking to other threads for advice for 2 seasons now. Thanks for all the help!

    Ive only had my above ground 24' round pool two swimming seasons now. Last winter I had no problems with winterizing etc despite one of our harshest winters in years. However we have had a lot of rain (not much snow yet) and I noticed today water was pouring out of my skimmer basket. I drained it about 3" below at the end of the season, and upon further investigation, the pool cover has come loose in a spot as well and essentially left a decent size spot for the pool to fill given all the rain.

    I have two concerns: My main one being that perhaps all the winterizing chemicals have been diluted and/or flowed out with all the water overflowing. When we bought the house the pool had been closed for 2+ years and I dealt with a disgusting green swamp (the cover had fallen in and the previous owners did nothing). I'm worried due to chemical loss I'll have to deal with this again this upcoming season. Any suggestions? Last winter I had no problems and opened it to a surprisingly clear pool.

    My second concern is with erosion under the pool, with the water overflowing from the skimmer. To prevent this Should I drain the pool from under the cover to just below the skimmer again? Causing potentially further chemical loss?

    Further info: I'm using a fairly big equalizer pillow, and I live in Massachusetts (lots more snow/ice/rain expected this winter)

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Pool overflowing.

    The one thing I can help you with is the erosion under the pool.

    When I set my above ground pool up the one thing I made sure I did was "erosion proof" the are under the skimmer and return.

    What I did was did out about 2 inches and add rock to fill it back in. I then put big stepping stones right by the pool side BUT not touching it. That way when (notice I did not say if) the skimmer overflowed or if the return pipes came loose the water would hit the stepping stones and run away from the pool. This has worked great for me.

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    Re: Pool overflowing.

    I would not worry too much about the chemistry/dilution effect. Your water is probably very cold right now. Once water temps drop below 60F, algae reproduction rates become almost negligible. As long as you open your pool BEFORE the water warms up above 60F, I'm sure you'll be fine.

    I would definitely drain excess water out of the pool though and get it back to closing levels.

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    Re: Pool overflowing.

    Welcome to the forum Rfedrick

    Your chemical mix might be a little diluted but I wouldn't worry about. Same with draining some water off. If you drain water off to get the level below the skimmer the strength of the chemicals doesn't change. Same as if you had a drink and poured some down the drain. It would still have the same mix of alcohol and soda, just a little less volume.

    Liked the idea of the stepping stones to help prevent erosion
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    Re: Pool overflowing.

    I will drain the water on top of the cover first, then the pool's. I had a layer of ice on top of the cover and tried to lower the level of water of my pool but by removing water from under the layer of ice, it dropped and started to pull down the cover.
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