I've given up on my Raypak dreams and am going to go down the route of the Jandy heater. I am developing a parts list have a few questions.

I'm considering the Jandy JXi water heater, but since its available I am debating on sometype of iphone/ipad interface with it. Which of these multiple web modules would I need installed onto the heater to get this functionality (i looked at the website, there were around a dozen choices).

Since I am going Jandy, I'm debating on going Jandy pool pump also. I was originally going to go with the Intelliflo but apparently the Jandy one can be hooked into the pool heater also and I can control the whole lot via ipad/internet.

So from my basic parts list. A Jandy JXi, and a Jandy Epump (I believe it is the JEP 2.0). I would also request a waterheater bypass (its just seems like a smart idea). I'm planning on getting the whole web interfacing and antenna and all that jazz, what other parts would I need/missing?