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Thread: Is a Basic Poolcare OTO Test Kit adequate?

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    Is a Basic Poolcare OTO Test Kit adequate?

    This Taylor kit has a 'total' chlorine/bromine cell, a pH cell and a bottle of OTO solution and R-0600 Phenol Red solution. We use a floating chlorine cartridge so I do not worry about the bromine. I also have the instruction sheet (only) for our old Poolmaster Pool & Spa 3-way test kit which says:"..."'Free Chlorine Residual' is tested by adding 5 drops R-0600, cap vial, invert several times to mix, read result within 2-3 seconds. 'Combined Chlorine' is tested the same way except result must be read in 1-2 minutes..." Are these 2 completely different tests with different color standards on each kit? If so, which is the best test kit to use? Thank you.
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    Re: Is a Basic Poolcare OTO Test Kit adequate?

    the OTO kit does not test for
    Combined Chlorine
    and 5 is as high as the OTO kit will read for Chlorine.

    In order to keep your pool water in good shape, you will need to test for all of the parameters, not just for Chlorine and pH.
    There are two test kits on the market that we suggest that pool owners invest in. The TF-100 or the Taylor K2006C. Of the two, the TF100 is the best bang for the buck because it contains more of the testing regents which are used most.
    The TF100 is available at and the 2006C is also available there plus many other places online.
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    Re: Is a Basic Poolcare OTO Test Kit adequate?

    We use the TF-100 or the Talyor 2006 (same tests but the TF-100 is the best bang for the buck). It has ALL of the tests you will need to do to get and keep your water balanced.

    Look in my siggy to see where to order them from.

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    Re: Is a Basic Poolcare OTO Test Kit adequate?

    Pool School - Test Kits Compared

    There's you a pool test kit comparison.
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    Re: Is a Basic Poolcare OTO Test Kit adequate?

    Some people have said the "read it fast for Free Chlorine and read it a minute later for Combined Chlorine" method works, but it hasn't worked for me.

    A better testkit will also help you solve mysteries like the one that just happened to me. I'm not taking any chances with the pool - too much can go wrong if the TA, PH or CH is incorrect so I'm rigorous about testing my pool for everything (using TF-100). However I'm pretty slack on the hot tub, usually only testing bromine and PH with that same Taylor K1000 testkit you have (it actually comes as part of the TF-100).

    For my hot tub, when the PH got to 7.8, I was adding 4tsp of dry acid, and the next day the PH would be down to 7.5. This has worked for several months. One day I added the 4tsp of dry acid, and the next day my PH went to 6.8... whaa? So I got the TF-100 out for the hot tub and found that my TA had dropped to 30. A cup of baking soda later and all was well - but I wouldn't have known without the testkit.
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