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Thread: Pentair Kreepy Krauly

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    Pentair Kreepy Krauly

    Quick question on suction side pool cleaners.

    I have an in-ground pool, ~10k gallons, pebbletec liner. No spa. Stairs at one end, and a bench at the other end.

    The plumbing setup is 2 skimmers. No booster pump, no dedicated suction line.

    I've lived in this house for 2 years, and always manually vacuumed the pool. It doesn't take that long (about 30 min), considering the pool isn't too big, but its become a hassle I would like to avoid on a weekly/biweekly basis. I don't plan to leave the cleaner in the pool all the time, but rather drop it in before I start my yard work and pull it out a few hours later.

    I casually mentioned to my Dad at Thanksgiving that I was considering getting an automatic cleaner, and was given a Pentair Kreepy Krauly cleaner for Christmas. See link to exact model on amazon (link).

    After doing some research, it seems there are some mixed reviews on this model. Additionally, I was given the model with the pleated seal versus the flat seal. It seems based on the item description that the flat seal is the one designed for concrete/gunnite pools. The item was ordered and fullfilled from Amazon, but actually sold by another company (Backyard Pool Superstore). After calling both Amazon and the original vendor, it seems that there is no way around a 20% restocking fee, even though the item has been unopened. Based on a purchase price of ~$275, the restocking fee would be about $55, with return shipping costing another $20.

    Based on all the facts, my questions are:
    1) Does anybody have experience with this model? Does it do a good job?
    2) Does it matter if I have the pleated vs. flat seal for a pebbletec liner?
    3) Would it be worth paying the $75 shipping/restocking fee to send it back and get something else. I was originally looking at the Pool Cleaner, 2 wheel drive model (link)

    Thanks for any help anyone is able to provide,

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    Re: Pentair Kreepy Krauly

    Welcome to TFP!

    I'm not familiar with suction side pool cleaners. But here is a
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    Re: Pentair Kreepy Krauly

    I have one that looks similar but different manufacturer. It works but after a while gets stuck from the hose wrapping. Since it was a gift, why not try it out first? The restocking fee is same just keep all the packaging.
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    Re: Pentair Kreepy Krauly

    1 - I've been using a Kreepy Krauly Kruiser for 6 years, nothing has ever broken, it works great, and I leave it in the pool and chlorine 100% of the time unless we are swimming, which is hard on the unit and line and not recommended by the manufacturer, but still no problems ever

    2- the pleated seal is junk, they wear out quickly and don't get a very good seal against the surface, the normal tarantula one works good, but also wears out / loses its rigidity and eventually starts losing the little legs around it at about 4 years of heavy use for me. The best seal is the starfish seal, it's more rigid, lasts longer, gets a better seal on the sides, and is cheaper. It's currently available on amazon for less than $60. The pleated and tarantula seals work on any surface. The starfish is concrete / plaster designed, I think it would work fine on pebbletech, but I'm not 100% on it, but you wouldn't need to get one until 4-7 years from now when the tarantula stock one wears out anyway (EDIT: I have since seen a review on Amazon that confirms it works fine on pebbletech)

    3- currently has it for $230, free shipping most of the time and no restocking fee, you won't send it back anyway

    additional info:

    - obviously chlorine and sun exposure eats the whole thing over time but as a practical matter there are only 3 wear items in this unit, list below, all prices Amazon

    1- the seal, it's dragging over the surface the whole time slowly wearing away, expected life with heavy use is about 3-7 years,
    pleated $45 (junk IMO)
    tarantula $58
    starfish $60

    2- the footpad the seal mounts too, it also is dragging the whole time, but wears away much more slowly, it's designed so a user can replace it also so it's easy, I expect mine to go at least 8 years $21

    3- the flapper valve drives the unit by flapping back and forth several times a second and scooting it forward with momentum, obviously a part that takes a tremendous beating, but I was looking at mine yesterday, couldn't see any wear and it is moving effortlessly. I've got no idea how long it will last, but considering my inspection, at least 8 years, $28

    Most common problems in order of frequency, it's almost always about pressure:

    1- Pool filter is dirty cutting suction so the cleaner moves weakly or not at all. I've got 18k gallon in ground concrete with a 1.5hp motor. The Kruiser will function fine up to about 27lbs pressure, after that it's not pulling enough water to get a good seal and move up the walls etc. A new filter only pulls about 17lbs and it moves so aggressively I have to turn it waaaaay down. Clean at least weekly. New Hayward filters are the only way to go and they run $50-$100 pending size. Bargain filters are not a bargain and seem to wear out much more quickly and harbor algae much more easily. Replace at least yearly or when you've got a stubborn algae problem, or when you can't get your pressure under 20lbs by cleaning. This is by far the most common Krauly problem.

    2- Obstruction cuts pressure. The pump baskets has too much junk in it, something has clogged in the Krauly, or something has clogged in the pressure adjustment valve. Check all three places and clean. This has never happened to me as my pool is entirely screen enclosed.

    3- Pressure leak. There is a crack in the hose or Krauly from sun / chlorine exposure. Listen for air leaks while exposing the top of the unit to air while running, then work your way back over the hose, flexing it all directions on the way. Replace anything leaking. After 6 years I got a hose crack for the first time, but it 's so minor that it's not a problem yet. Bargain hoses usually get terrible reviews, so I buy OEM. A normal sized residential pool usually uses 12 hose sections. The best price I could find was also at $96 for 12 sections, free ship

    4- Flapper out. It literally disintegrated from chlorine and flapping. I've seen it happen to others, hasn't happened to me yet.

    That's all that ever happens to my knowledge, 2 and 4 have never happened to me.

    Installation takes 5 minutes-

    1- stretch the seal around the footplate gently with the it's fingers pointing toward the unit and put it in the lower groove, closer to the unit

    2- yank the skimmer basket out, take pressure adjustment valve, it comes with a ton of adapters, pick the adapter that fits the bottom of your skimmer well, install it

    3- put one hose section on, out through the skimmer, then put the supplied pressure test gauge on the end, go to the pump, switch to 100% skimmer draw and turn it on, go back to the pressure tester, adjust the valve until the tester is between the lines, maybe leave it on the high side at first so you get great cleaner movement, then adjust it to taste later. Too much pressure will slap it hard and break it eventually, too little it won't climb the walls. Clockwise on the valve increases pressure.

    4- no need to turn the pump off, put the other 11 hose sections on while keeping them underwater, put one of the supplied hose weights n the last hse very close t the skimmer, then stick the Kruiser on, done.

    This thing works so good and takes so little maintenance I can"t see the need to spend 3 times the price on a robot or $100 more for a Barracuda.


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    Re: Pentair Kreepy Krauly

    Bump for more info

    Amazon just cut the Kruiser to $209 free ship and it comes with 10 hose sections

    at that price you get 2-4 more OEM hose sections (average sized residential pool) for $16 and you've got a whole new unit for $225

    say your unit is about 6 years old like mine and you do a rebuild it's at today's prices:
    Flapper $22
    Foot Pad $17
    Starfish seal $60
    12 hose sections from poolsupplyworld $93

    That's $192 for a rebuilt sunfaded 2010 previous model with eroded plastic and wings and strap or $225 for an entirely newly designed model as they did a significant redesign a couple of years ago

    pretty much no contest for me, I looked at the flapper today and it's starting to come apart, so it's full rebuild or new time.... actually, even if I didn't have to do the flapper and footpad, I would still do it

    during my 71 months of ownership, I bought one aftermarket tarantula seal for $48 and adjusted the pressure valve a couple of times a year, plus $199 for the original unit back then for total $247 so it only cost $3.48 a month to run an excellent cleaner 100% of the time.

    the kruiser is hands down the best deal in pool cleaners

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    Re: Pentair Kreepy Krauly


    I just saw a review on Amazon that confirms it works fine on pebbletech

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