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Thread: Needing a SWG, Pump, and Automation system

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    Needing a SWG, Pump, and Automation system

    This is my first pool and im learning a lot from it and the amazing forum. So far i have upgraded to a DE filter which has made a huge difference in the clarity of my pool water. It was never really all that bad sometimes cloudy after a windy day but now, always clear. Im ready to up my game and get a variable speed pump and SWG. I was think to get a Hayward Aquarite with a T-15 cell but should i get an extended life version? Also i wanted to add some automation and monitoring to the pool but im not sure the best route. Realistically id like to do everything from a tablet. the only things ill have to controller are the pump and SWG for now but in the future there will be lighting systems, water falls and a heater for the future spa, all things id like to control remotely. For now i need a SWG, Pump, and maybe some chemical automation(if its worth it).
    20yr old,14k,IG,Plaster,Hayward Pro-Grid 60sqft, Hayward DE Separation tank, Hayward Multi-port Valve, Whisper-flo single speed 1.5hp pump,Hayward XL concrete pool suction vacuum, Polaris P340 (Leslies Pool model), Still working to get a test kit, Leslies Power Powder and Leslies 3" Tabs.

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    Re: Needing a SWG, Pump, and Automation system

    AquaRite AQR15 is a good choice for SWG. I've had one for over ten years and have been very happy with it. You definitely want the T-15 (40k rated) cell. I got 7+ years use out of the cell before replacing at a cost of less tha $400, making my chlorine cost for my 15k pool (open year round), less than $60 per year. If my entire unit blew up today, I would buy a new one just like it.

    It can be found online many places for around $900. I don't know if there is any additional value to be had with an "extended life" version.

    Regarding a pump I recently switched to a Pentair VS pump. I bought a 3hp Intelliflow VS 011014 online for $850 with a $150 rebate. Had it installed in order to get the full three year warranty. This pump with its onboard timer and speed control provides a tremendous amount of flexibility. It allowed me to program one speed for my in floor cleaning system, a second for general filtration, a third for my solar heating. Then there is the energy savings. My old 2hp single speed pump drew nearly 3,000 watts all the time it was running. Most of the time my new pump is on its running at 1,000 rpm and drawing about 100 watts. It only ramps up in speed to clean the pool or heat it with the solar, and even then it's using less than half the energy of the old pump.

    VS pumps are a big investment up front, but everyone who has one loves the flexibility of being able to program just the right speed for each situation. My daily program during swim season uses three different speeds plus a fourth which is initiated by the solar controller on demand. There is even a separate "quick clean" button on the pump that ramps it up to a programable speed for a programmed period to give the pool a touch-up cleaning at the touch of a button.
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    Re: Needing a SWG, Pump, and Automation system

    If you plan to have automation, I suggest that you stick with one brand name to ensure that the pump, SWG, and automation can all communicate to each other. I'm not sure the specific brand name matters..

    Jim R.
    Finished in 2015 - 17K Gal, IG, 20' x 25' Almost Rectangular Pool, Pebble finish, three rockport water falls. Pentair Equipment: EasyTouch 4, IC40 SWG, 3 HP VS Pump, CCP520 Cartridge Filter.
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    Re: Needing a SWG, Pump, and Automation system

    Pentair could supply you with what you need. If you bundle an automation system (EasyTouch Panel) with an SWG (IntelliChlor) and VS Pump (IntelliFlo), you can get a full, 3-year warranty on everything (assuming you have it professionally installed). Pentair uses the ScreenLogic interface which can be designed to work remotely with your home's wireless router and your tablet devices and, as far as I have read, is much easier to program than the standard EasyTouch interface. I have all Pentair equipment so I can certainly vouch for it's reliability. I do not have a ScreenLogic setup, just an EasyTouch remote, but from what i have read here on TFP, lots of people love the ease and flexibility in programming that comes with it. Someday I might upgrade to it, but not now.
    16k IG PebbleTec pool, 650gal spa, spillway and waterfall, 3HP IntelliFlo VS / 1.5HP WhisperFlo, Pentair QuadDE-100 filter, IC40 SWCG, MasterTemp 400k BTU/hr NG heater, KreepyKrauly suction-side cleaner Dolphin S300i robot, EasyTouch controls, city water, K-1001, K-2006 and K-1766 test kits, Mannitol test for borates

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