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Thread: Why I'm Here

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    Why I'm Here

    Hello Fellow Members,
    Frustration with and suspicion of pool tech competence, observation of unsightly staining of most of my neighboring pools and spas, protection of a new $40,000 pool and a desire to wrap my head around pool maintenance brought me here. My hat is off to those individuals that created the site.

    Getting up to speed by reading everything I can get my hands on, testing frequently (more than necessary I'm sure) and recording results and notes in a journal. Some sort of database software w graphs might be pretty handy to have.... Being retired, I have the time to be a bit more detail oriented and actually enjoy the process so far. I'm also most motivated enough to take the Khan Academy chemistry course to bone up further! My wife is worried because I said I wanted to test my neighbors pools to see what was really going on. I never see pool techs carry anything but acid and bleach. Does that explain any of the staining? How do they do it? Are those pools really balanced? Questions for my new journey on this forum. I'll bet they are answered already somewhere on the forum.
    Looking forward to the journey of understanding,
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    Re: Why I'm Here

    Oh yeah! Another Florida person! HI THERE! So glad you found us!

    Feel free to ask any questions you have!

    We would LOVE to see pictures of you pool!

    As for your neighbors pools----------yeah they are not balanced on the most part. I bet they are using chlorine pucks/tablets. Their CYA is sky high and one day they will come running to you to see what YOU do to keep your pool looking like a jewel!

    There is a graph here somewhere to keep your notes in but I don't have the link. I just use paper and pen LOL. I am sure someone will shoot you the link!

    I LOVE that you have filled out your siggy AND have a test kit! NICE JOB!

    Pull up a chair and read for a while!

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    Re: Why I'm Here

    What Kimkats said, but be aware when they do come running to you and ask why your water looks so nice, and you tell them it is usually just a matter of testing, adding bleach, or adjusting the SWG and occasionally something else as needed, be aware most of them will

    a, freak out that you are adding BLEACH to your pool water and say they would never swim in that, even though we all know that bleach is chemically identical to liquid pool chlorine.

    b, say that sounds like too much trouble, too complicated and they will keep paying the "professional" to take care of their pool.

    c, for those few that want to learn more you can point them here.
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    Re: Why I'm Here


    Quote Originally Posted by panamax53 View Post
    Some sort of database software w graphs might be pretty handy to have....
    Try this; not a database but pretty darn cool and works great!
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    Re: Why I'm Here

    Sounds like you need one of our recommended test kits in Pool School. Welcome!
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    Re: Why I'm Here

    Welcome to the forum.
    I never see pool techs carry anything but acid and bleach. Does that explain any of the staining? How do they do it? Are those pools really balanced?
    Staining is a big task to tackle. It can be organic or inorganic staining and each is treated differently so the determination of the type of stain is essential before you start.

    If you find an open minded neighbor, we can help you talk through his staining help.

    It is always a good idea to post a complete set of test results from that good kit you have and share the results with us.
    Dave S.
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    Re: Why I'm Here

    Welcome to TFP.
    I'd bet you my bikini you'll never get TFP water from a pool store!

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