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Thread: New Pool - Plaster Chipping; How Concerning?

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    New Pool - Plaster Chipping; How Concerning?

    Hi All,

    My pool is just over a month old and today I noticed a couple things:

    1) The light no longer works.
    2) Most concerning, a piece of plaster by the light had chipped off and fell on the pool floor. I scooped out and took a picture of it.
    The plaster and electrical came with a one year-warranty; and the pool company will be out this week to look.

    Just wanted to check and see how concerning this is and whether I should be worried about the plaster chipping away in other places if it already started to after a month. Also, I've had a pool guy come weekly to maintain chemicals, so hopefully that was not the cause.



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    Re: New Pool - Plaster Chipping; How Concerning?

    Without knowledge of your chemistry levels, it is hard to say? Some pool services do whats best for them and their schedule, yet not necessarily best for your pool. That the pool is brand new and plaster means it needs extra care and feeding (lol) to insure that the plaster cures properly. The curing can take months.

    My advice is to hurry up and get yourself a DECENT test kit (we only recommend two- the TF-100 or the Taylors 2006, both avail via and test yourself to see what condition your water is in. We need to know the FC, CH, pH, CYA, TA levels. Pool store testing is not accurate so please don't rely on that.
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    Re: New Pool - Plaster Chipping; How Concerning?

    I would be VERY CONCERNED about a "chip" that size and would want some additional reassurance your PB will take care of any issues that arise from that or any other chipping..

    The chemistry is unrelated to that.....that's poor quality workmanship.

    The light is unrelated, too, but I would be sure they fix it soon.
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    Re: New Pool - Plaster Chipping; How Concerning?

    OUCH! That is quite a big "chip". NOT good. Please keep us in the loop as to what your PB says. That may be a sign of things to come

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    Re: New Pool - Plaster Chipping; How Concerning?

    That light looks strange. I'm guessing that something went wrong there causing multiple problems. The chip might just be due to something specific to the light area or it might be an indication of overall bad plaster.

    What light (make and model) is it?
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    Re: New Pool - Plaster Chipping; How Concerning?

    Bummer about the plaster. Something that large might indicate water (nearby irrigation pipe leak, etc) was or is seeping behind the pool body in that spot and kept the gunnite saturated during application; consequently, impeding or improper/inadequate curing of the plaster in that one area.

    In any event, really like your waterline tile.
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    Re: New Pool - Plaster Chipping; How Concerning?

    Thats a chunk !

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    Re: New Pool - Plaster Chipping; How Concerning?

    Oh no!!!!!! I was expecting a nickel to quarter size chip, not a dinner plate!

    Hope the PB fixes this. If you do not have one of our recommended test kits, I'd highly suggest you purchase one ad take care of the pool yourself. As I said to another member early this morning, no one will take care of your property like you will. Just think of it like this.... You buy an $80,000 sports car. Would you give the keys (100% access) to someone n say, Go clean it for me? I know I wouldn't.
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