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Thread: To use salt water or not...??

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    To use salt water or not...??

    We are in the final stages of finalizing the plans for our 18x36 inground vinyl pool. Both builders insist on using steel walls and have assured me that there will not be any issues with using a salt water system. However, I continue to read a lot of literature on the internet about salt water and steel walls and that it will cause problems much sooner than expected. I have also considered copper ionization but do not know much about that process. I am not opposed to old-fashioned chlorine but I would like to stay away from it if possible. I am looking for any advice or real-life experience on whether or not I should pursue the salt system with this type of inground pool.

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    Re: To use salt water or not...??

    Welcome to TFP!

    At the top of this page you will find a link to Pool School. Reading there will help you in your planning.

    Searching and reding our forums will prove to you that copper is not your friend for many reasons. Chlorine on the other hand is very much your friend. The other thing to learn is that a "salt" pool is actually a chlorine pool. A salt pool,has a device called a salt water chlorine generator which through magic and wizardry turns salt into chlorine. A salt pool is just an easy way to add chlorine to the water.
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    Re: To use salt water or not...??

    If your steel walls are properly installed and protected with zinc or magnesium sacrificial anodes, then there should not be a corrosion problem. If you want to get really fancy, you can install an impressed cathodic current system (ICCS) which is an electrical device that supplies a small current to the steel to keep it from corroding. The salt water is not in contact with the steel walls (or at least it should not be). Corrosion from ground water is more likely than the salt water in the pool. Again, if the steel is catholically protected, then the structure should be fine.

    And, as tim5055 stated above, salt water pools are chlorine pools. If you want information on "copper ions" just use the search bar and put in the term "alternative sanitizers" and you get plenty of threads detailing why copper is not a proper sanitation method. Even with the commercial "metal ion" systems, they all state that you have to use some chlorine to help sanitize the pool. So they are, in effect, saving you nothing and likely causing you more trouble in the future.
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    Re: To use salt water or not...??

    On my second saltwater pool and I love it. All my pools will be saltwater from now on.
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    Re: To use salt water or not...??

    I think you would be a lot happier with the salt water
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    Re: To use salt water or not...??

    Mine is salt water and I Love it. I only had to add chlorine while filling and waiting for the salt to dissolve. Then I didn't have to add any chlorine all summer. Just test the water, and adjust the run time until it was perfect.
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