Hello Everyone,

I have a Pentair intelliflow variable speed pump. After a day of running (heated the pool for Thanksgiving) the pump died out. I ran the diagnostics on the easy touch and it came back with '6' which doesn't seem to say much other than something is not communicating with it. I checked the pump driver for lights and discovered the panel with the buttons isn't actually connected to anything (at some point it had been opened up) as the switch board it should be covering was loose and had fallen into the driver. So as you might imagine, I'm thinking the driver has had previous issues and is having an issue now. The new drivers seem to run about $650, and it looks like a new motor would run about $500, I see on amazon I can get the Pentair IF VS for $850, it would still be a little newer than mine (my driver has NO screen on it, but I don't use it as I have the easy touch so I don't care, should I?)

I have the pool guys coming out to check it out, but are they ways to narrow the diagnosis on your own? I'm thinking I can check the power going to the driver, but is there a way to check if the power is coming out?

Does anyone know if the updated drivers work on the old motors? If I was to get a driver with a screen would work on my pump even though I don't have a screen on my pump driver?