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Thread: Building/Shed Question

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    Building/Shed Question

    I'm considering adding a building in the backyard near the pool. One side would be enclosed, for storage of a lawnmower, weedeaters, etc. I have a basement with a bathroom so that really isn't a necessity in a building. I'm not sure about enclosing the side for the pool equipment in case work would be needed at a later time, so possibly just extend the roof over the pool equipment? Does anyone have an enclosed building for pool equipment? Pros and cons? What dimensions would you allow for the space around the filter, pump, pipes, etc.? If you can share your dimensions/plans/pictures I would appreciate the help! Thank you in advance!
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    Re: Building/Shed Question

    I would leave it open AND make sure the water will not go under the wall of the enclosed part.

    When you work on the equipment---filter, pump basket, pump, etc. The are will get wet so...........Think about the backwashing of the sand filter.

    IF you do enclose it make sure to NOT use drywall or such. We just saw one "shed" where they used drywall to pass inspection. Well you can guess what it looks like now It is a mess and a total redo.

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    Re: Building/Shed Question

    All of my pool equipment is installed in the crawl space under my house. It sounds worse than it is, this area of the crawl space is actually 10 feet tall, so it is a walk in area.

    I like that all my equipment is protected from freezing, so no winterizing. The two negatives I find with the equipment being enclosed is I'm always concerned with chlorine spillage in an enclosed area and that I don't have the ability to deep clean my sand filter in the normal shove a hose in it method.

    All in all I like it being enclosed and protected from the weather.
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    Re: Building/Shed Question

    There are a number of threads on here where folks have enclosed their pool equipment. You may want to search for those.

    Some general comments. Its often advisable to have the pipes exit the ground outside the structure rather than thru a slab inside the structure. Repairs and redesign are a lot simpler. Read the equipment manuals carefully and make sure you meet minimum specs for clearance. That means you must also have the minimum clearance in front of the subpanel and any automation panel. That generally means the back wall won't work. In that sense your equipment may take more area inside than outside on a pad. Watch for things like drain plugs on cartage filters and backwash valve outlets on sand filters and make sure they are plumbed outside.

    Regarding heaters. Many major brand heaters may be installed inside with proper venting. Follow the requirements specified in the heater manual and check with the local building department about what is required.

    You don't want a chlorine tank and a MA tank in the same residential building let alone the same room. Generally you don't want to store either inside. So a Steiner chlorine tank or liquidator should probably be outside or in an unenclosed area.
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