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Thread: DIY black poly solar

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    DIY black poly solar

    New to the group and have a beginner solar question. I have a 20x40 inground pool with a black liner. Currently in the heat of summer I lose 1/4" to 1/2" of water per day to evaporation. I have tried the solar pills with no success, and the pool covers are such a hassle. Im thinking next spring of adding a level smart wireless pool fill system. This would eliminate the hassle of constantly topping up the pool 1 a week. ( If I top to top of skimmer by week end its at bottom of skimmer level). I have 500 feet of black chain link fence surrounding the property and was thinking since Im adding new water into pool from house taps, could I use the city water pressure from tap (approx. 60psi) and push through say 1000 feet of 1/2" black poly tubing strapped to top of chain link fence to blend in, and then have the end of tubing go to the water fill system. Apparently it runs for up to 7 mins every hour filling pool. If I had it set up to only fill pool during daylight hours could this work to not only solve water fill level but also add enough heat to the pool. I have a 300,000btu gas heater but obviously would like to avoid usage especially if no additional pumping cost since id be using city water pressure to push water through poly tubing. Would City 60 psi be able to push through 1000' feet of black tubing...and would 1000' even be enough to make any sort of a difference to be worth the cost of the tubing? Thanks and open to anyones ideas and opinions.

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    Re: DIY black poly solar

    Welcome to the forum!

    and would 1000' even be enough to make any sort of a difference to be worth the cost of the tubing?
    No, it wouldn't. It is less than 60 sq-ft of capture area but even worse is that the fill water will not be flowing all that quickly through it (245g/day) so while that may heat up the water filling the pool, it won't really heat up the pool very much. For every 1 degree rise in the pipe, the pool would rise only about 0.01 degrees.
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