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Thread: CYA level keeps going up

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    CYA level keeps going up

    The CYA level in my pool this summer and fall has been high (90-100). I've drained water out and knocked the CYA down but it immediately starts going up again. Did not have this problem last year (in second year of owning house with pool.) The only thing I changed from last year is I'm using chlorine tablets from Sams instead of Costco. Does anyone have any idea what is going on? Thx
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    Re: CYA level keeps going up

    Welcome to TFP!

    Sure, and it's easy. Chlorine Tabs add Cya. Six PPM Cya for every Ten PPM of Free Chlorine that you derive from the typical tablet. As long as you use these as a source of Free Chlorine, you'll be adding Cya to your pool.

    Take a moment to check out Pool School, and begin with the ABCs of pool chemistry. From there, read on, and you'll find the things you need to get solid control of your pool. Knowledge is the most important tool in your box, and pool care really becomes easy once you stack some up. Ask all the questions you need too, and read around on the forum. Enjoy your stay here.
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    Re: CYA level keeps going up

    Yep. CYA is going up because you're adding it. Pool School - How to Chlorinate Your Pool

    Just so you know... Every 8 oz puck you put in the pool adds 3.7 FC, 2.2 CYA, and lowers pH .2
    A 25# bucket of pucks will raise CYA 111 in your 15000 gallon pool. Have you been also having trouble with constantly falling pH and/or low TA?

    Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry is another article you need to read.
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    Re: CYA level keeps going up

    All Trichlor tabs will increase CYA as indicated. If you saw a difference between last year and this year, then perhaps you used more chlorine this year so increased CYA faster or had less dilution of water this year which have CYA rise faster (i.e. not get diluted down as quickly).
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