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Thread: Funny - PBisms and quirks

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    Funny - PBisms and quirks

    Our neighbor used a different PB than we did but we both complained about lack of communication and knowing when crews would be showing up to the house. And when we did get to talk it was a lot of hand waving and promises of tomorrow or soon.

    So my wife texted me this and I thought I'd share...


    "Hey bdrums got your call, the waters wet and the sky is blue - hope that helps .... Should get this wrapped up very soon"
    we could write a book with the neighbor's on pool builder -isms and quirks. The pool builders translation guide for regular folks...

    Like - "we will be back this week to install it" ....translation - we have no concept of time - we won't be back for two weeks but in our minds it's the day after we had the conversation... We are surprised you are so anxious about it....we just talked about it yesterday didn't we?


    Neighbor LOLed hard!
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    Re: Funny - PBisms and quirks

    haha very true! Mine is an expert at those types of conversations. Here is my latest one...

    Me: "When will the railing get installed"
    PB: "Oh we have spoken to railing companies and it should be about 3 weeks"
    (one week later...) (think Spongebob)
    Me: "Have you heard anything about the railing"
    PB: "Oh we are still talking to railing companies and it should be about 3 weeks"
    Me: "Oh ok you said that same timeframe last week"
    (one week later...)
    Me: "So railing in 2 weeks"
    PB: "Well we have to still pick the company that will be doing the railing. It should be about 3 more weeks..."
    Me: "Oooohhh"
    (3 weeks later... I gave up asking)
    PB: "Hey just got payment for your railing done. They are pretty booked up it should be about 3 weeks..."
    Me: "Ugggghhh"
    (3 weeks later....)
    Me: "Ok it has been 7 weeks and no railing. When is it happening???"
    PB: "Oh let me talk to our scheduling lady. I think it should be a few weeks..."

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