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Thread: pentair easy touch-connection to Auto Pilot Salt System, plus AquaCal Heater

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    pentair easy touch-connection to Auto Pilot Salt System, plus AquaCal Heater

    Two subjects:

    Pool Pilot low voltage connection to Pentair Easy Touch. Can someone confirm correct wiring from Pool Pilot to Pentair Com Port.? I have the pin as 1=ground, 2=data-, 3= data+, 4= 15vdc. This seems to correlate to the Pentair com port. Sometimes in online paperwork, there is a switch up of data pin (- or +). In addition, what benefit does this give me? I hate to waste time, if nothing. Will the pool pilot reading show on Pentair display or remote screens or can I control the pool pilot from the Pentair remote?

    Aqua Cal Heater: When hooked to Jandy controller previous, I used Y/Z connection and had complete control of heater from Jandy. The instructions are slightly confusing for Pentair system. I understand connection wiring from heater to gas heat/heater connection on the right side of control panel. My question is can I used Y/Z or use the F/S connection. If I am reading the manual correctly, the Pentair unit does not have an internal T-Stat control (as the Jandy did). To me, this means the Pentair unit will only turn heater on and off and the actual temp control is in heater. This gives me no temperature control via the Pentair unit and if I wanted to change set point, I would have to manually change via the heater control panel and not use the Pentair remote. Is that correct?

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    Re: pentair easy touch-connection to Auto Pilot Salt System, plus AquaCal Heater

    Two Thoughts:

    Your pin layout appears to be correct, but unless all SWG's use some type of universal language/outputs, I do not believe that the Easytouch is going to communicate with your Auto Pilot SWG. That said, I've been wrong about twenty times today alone, so I suggest you call Pentair and ask them to make sure.

    I do not have a heater but the Easytouch comes with a water sensor that measures the water temperature, it then turns on the heater when the water temperature is below the set point and turns off the heater when the temperature gets above the set point. The set point can be adjusted on the Easytouch or remote. I believe the only connection between the heater and the Easytouch is the 24 VAC connection to turn the heater on and off.

    I read the Aqua Cal connection manual and I'm also confused. It appears how you connect it depends on if you have analog or digital controller in your Heat Pump. It also makes it appear that the Easytouch does not have a water temp sensor which is not true. I would connect the Easytouch the same way they connect the Intellitouch. Maybe someone here with a Aqua Cal will respond...

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    Re: pentair easy touch-connection to Auto Pilot Salt System, plus AquaCal Heater

    What is a shame is Auto Pilot would not give me or confirm their 4 wire connection to be used with pentair system. Actually, they responded first time with a picture of the auto pilot circuit board, with highlights regarding color coding and removal of terminator jumper. When I looked at their colors, it did not match other company's connections by colors, so I asked for the pin put ( pin 1= etc...) and was told proprietary information....then told the the remote connection no longer in use or supported. When asked what does the terminator jumper do, answer was proprietary. So it doesn't end their, when I asked similar questions for the AquaCal heater (made by same company that makes auto Pilot), the information for connectioning to the Pentair System was inaccurate. I will give them A+ for responding quickly and being nice. I was told by customer service they are not given access to technical information to answer my questions. I used the Y/Z connection and it works perfect for the heater.

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