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Thread: Just bought home with a pool, cleaner hose busted, need advice

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    Just bought home with a pool, cleaner hose busted, need advice

    So we just moved to Central Texas and bought a home with a pool. The home is from the '70s, but the pool guy thinks the pool is from the '80s (if that matters) and chlorinated. He estimated it's around 15k gallons, it has an 8 ft deep deep-end, as well as a shallow end with some steps. It's gunite, has a skimmer, and two returns (if that's the right word?) that can't be adjusted to give more power to one or the other. For now, I have hired a local pool company to take care of the chemical side of things while I get life organized and then I plan on taking that over as well sometime next Spring/Summer. There was some algae when we moved in, so I decided I'd let them handle that for me...

    Anyway, it came with a Hayward Pool Vac Ultra XL that looks like it was made sometime in the bronze age.
    Think of that, plus years of faded gray so it's pretty much all white. It still functioned when we bought the pool, but would stop every 15 minutes or so. I decided to check the hose as it seemed air was getting in somehow and yep, the hose is too old and was letting air through the joints. One joint even snapped when I BARELY pulled on it to look at the joint. Anyway, I can approach this two ways from what I can tell: Buy a hose (approximately $150 from the pool store, or less online I'm sure) and hope the cleaner works well and continues to for awhile, or I can replace it entirely for less than $600 and get something that could work MUCH better, at least in theory. That said, cheaper is better if the results will be similar.

    On the purchase new side, we do not have a booster pump and I don't really want to buy one, so those are out. The pool guy also advised not getting a cleaner that's powered by the returns since I can't direct more power to one of them in order to better operate the cleaner. So I'm thinking that probably leaves me with robotic, of which I've found some Dolphin and Aquabot models that look interesting and that don't cost $1,000. That said, I may as well be talking about purchasing material for the next Mars rover as I don't really know what to look for when it comes to these things. Also, if those Haywards work well and it's likely to clean well for a few years, I could just replace the hose and be done with it (and hand vacuum the walls I guess? I have an attachment and hose for that but I haven't tried it yet).

    One random note, in case this matters, is that the 30 year old tile is starting to fall off in places. The reason I bring it up is that the cleaner will likely run over tile on the bottom sometimes and will be scrubbing some loose tile and I'd rather not destroy the cleaner on day 1 due to that issue. If it were July I'd just get in the pool and rip off the loose stuff and get the few pieces on the bottom out, but since it's November... I can figure out removing the tile if that's necessary, but it might be and important detail?

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

    Tl;Dr version: Need an automatic pool cleaner, likely robotic, or I could just get a hose for the old one that came with the house/pool.

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    Re: Just bought home with a pool, cleaner hose busted, need advice

    Many good reviews on the Dolphin Nautilus and newer Nautilus Plus here on TFP. They aren't as inexpensive as some robotic cleaners but in this case, you get what you pay for. I recommend robots whenever possible because they don't require running your pump or a booster pump to clean the pool. They're more flexible and less expensive to run. My Hayward Tigershark is pretty good as well.
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    Re: Just bought home with a pool, cleaner hose busted, need advice

    I do recommend a robotic cleaner, which is self contained: Has it's own power supply, bag to catch the debris, and they circulate the water. I have a Aquabot classic that does a wonderful job when it is working. It is from 2010. The pump motor I was able to repair by replacing the capacitors. If you do it, Get a plastic pan, because you need to catch the oil when the oil comes out. Kind of messy. A bit of a job, but I was able to fix it. Thank's to the site: "Aquabot repair stories". That motor new would of cost me around $200.00. However, a few months later the drive motor went. That motor is no longer available and was updated. The cost is around $350.00. Fortunately, I found a used one. I do not know how the new ones are, but I will say when it's working, it does a fantastic job. I have a lot of leaves and debri that fall in my pool, and it picks it all up. As far as a dependable cleaner, they all break sooner or later. I have heard the Dolphan motors have gone bad in the past. They only have one motor, which is about $550.00 to $600.00 plus labor. As for the latest ones on either one for dependability, I do not know. If you are in the market for a new one, I would check the reviews. I do hope this has helped you! Stevebub
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    Re: Just bought home with a pool, cleaner hose busted, need advice

    What do you mean by "hose". The Navigator uses 4' long pieces of hose, not just a single long hose.

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    Re: Just bought home with a pool, cleaner hose busted, need advice

    You can find the navigator hoses for much more reasonable prices on amazon.

    I know robots are great but I have to say that my current and last house with inground pools both came with Hayward Navigators and if the
    hoses are good and the "wear" parts (2 flaps & 4 shoes) of the navigator are in good condition, they work perfectly well as inground cleaners.
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