I have the Pentair 2" DE Multiport Valve P/N 261152 . It was installed about 3 years ago and has been working perfectly until a few days ago when a small leak developed under the Handle. I hadn't previously removed the Valve Top Assembly so was unfamiliar with the valve assembly until recently.

I've been working on a small leak issue under the Handle.

I have since ordered and installed another Top Valve Assembly; no leaks; pool is operating ok.

I want to repair the original Top Valve Assy to have available as a plug-play spare for the next time I need to replace it.

After reading about the valve parts at the forum and researching a little elsewhere, I removed the Top assembly and replaced the 2 Shaft O-Ring's.

I used a homemade rig to compress the Spring. This diagram is from a PDF manual for a "Sta-Rite" brand DE Multiport Valve:

Spring Compressor.JPG

I inspected the Diffuser 271168 and Top Plate 271169 (or 271166 ?). The O-Ring channels were ok, no scarring or damage seen there.

The Diffuser looked ok except for a small amount of scarring above the top O-ring (the 1st O-Ring of the 2 O-Rings on the Shaft). I don't see that area causing the leak since the O-Ring's, the channels, and the Top Plate sealing surface should be the areas that prevents water from leaking past the O-Rings.

Attached pic isn't my Diffuser but an image from one of the online stores.

Valve Diffuser.JPG

After re-installing the original Top Valve Assy, the small leak under the Handle was still occurring.

I pulled the Assy again and inspected the O-Ring sealing surface on the Top Plate Assy. Attached pic isn't mine. It's from a listing at Amazon.

Valve Cover.JPG

The sealing surface on the inner circumference area of the Plate appeared to be in good shape but there were indications of overall wear from age (small wear indications from particulates, etc).

I think I'll order a Top Plate Assy but I would like the white Top Plate instead of the grey or black version since it's easier to see indications of wear inside the shaft hole with the white colored part.

However, I can't locate the white version of this part online except for one listing at Amazon which appears to be the wrong image posted at that listing as the description says:

Pentair 271166 2-Inch Black Top Valve Cover Replacement HiFlow Top and Side Mount Pool/Spa Multiport Valve

Has anyone recently ordered the Top Plate Assy for this valve model?

I see 2 P/N's listed for this part. For example, over at mypool.com, this parts diagram lists these 2 parts with separate P/N's but the description for both parts says "black" color.

271166 Top Valve Cover, Black, 2 Inch

271169 Top Valve Cover, Black, 2 Inch

Perhaps the white colored version of this part has been discontinued by the OEM.