I have run into a problem removing the guide tracks from the under deck c-channel on a CoverStar system and need some advice. I am installer and normally these cover replacements go smoothly on a CoverStar system. I have removed the plastic retainer strips as those come out relatively easy by design. But, the previous installer has wedged aluminum strips into the last 18" on the shallow end on both sides and I'm risking damaging the c-channel trying to pry them out. They are smaller than the normal plastic strips and deep in the channel so there is no edge to grab. I have been unable to dislodge them without damaging the c-channel slightly or bending it which I need to avoid if at all possible. I've used skinny straight blade screw drivers and a seal puller to try and get it started to no avail.

Has anyone else ran into a similar problem? Any suggestions as to another tool or tip that might help to get those free without damaging anything? I can't take the guides out by force because the wedge locks them in place, so they have to come out first. Any help would or insight would be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you!