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Thread: Just received my first estimates.... would love feedback

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    Just received my first estimates.... would love feedback

    I live in Northeast Kansas and we are considering an inground pool. I have talked to a few companies and received my first two estimates today. This is an apples to apples comparison for the most part with the exception of the wall construction. I will explain in more detail below but here are the specifics:

    Size: 18x38 rectangle
    Type: Vinyl Liner
    Depth: 3.5ft gradually moving to 6ft
    Chemicals: Salt water system
    Cover: Automatic cover
    Heater type: Gas
    Decking: 900 sq ft regular concrete
    Lights: 2 LED lights

    Quote 1:
    $67,000 - walls made of Steel and size is 18x36 instead of 18x38

    Quote 2:
    $48,000 - walls made of concrete

    Both of these companies are very reputable and have been in business for 25+ years. I have friends who have used both companies and are very pleased with the service of both. I'm very confused about the $20,000 in price difference, especially since the higher quote is for a smaller pool.

    I would love to hear feedback from the group on these estimates.


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    Re: Just received my first estimates.... would love feedback

    Yikes, big difference. The latter is not a particularly common method of construction I've seen often here. I would have thought the reverse would be true on pricing due to concrete (and size as you mention). I have no personal experience with concrete walled vinyl pools though.

    Are the LED's color changing - if not, I'd specify that - they are fantastic. Autocovers have several different options and methods on construction for the pits. Are they quoting identical setups on that line item? Is there automation and is it the same?

    I'd also HIGHLY recommend combing this back with your original thread (I thought this was a new member for example). You have followers there and you lose the continuity of thoughts by breaking it out. Mods?
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    Re: Just received my first estimates.... would love feedback

    My inground vinyl has a concrete shell (and not the even more rare originally plaster > converted to vinyl) was surprising...didn't know they existed til I first saw my now house.

    I won't have to deal with any rust potential or vermiculite issues i guess.
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    Re: Just received my first estimates.... would love feedback

    There was another pool build shown up on Long Island using cement walls and it looked fabulous! I wondered if the cement is preferred in areas with harsher winters?
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    Re: Just received my first estimates.... would love feedback

    Most construction methods I'm familiar with for vinyl would use steel or polymer walls. Did the second vendor elaborate on the why-fores of concrete? Even though its cheaper price wise, might be some actual benefits to concrete walls... It might just be that its rare because the forms are an expensive investment for the installer.

    Regarding steel, my understanding is that over time with small leaks etc. they can rust a bit under liner, moreso with swg, which is why some installers prefer the polymer walls...which may also be less expensive. Both are better than former wood construction in terms of longevity. (Mine are steel, 15 yrs old, and when I get around to changing the liner I am expecting a bit of patchwork in a few areas, but we'll see

    Given that the auto over is making up about 11,000ish of each bid, that would make your steel wall install cost about $56k (which is a little closer to numbers I've heard) and the concrete approach $37k.

    Have either given you line items or rough breakdowns of the package price (eg equipment, excavation, surround, electrical, plumbing etc.?) Have either specified the liner thickness, brand, etc.? Or confirmed vermiculite floor vs. gravel dust?

    Did either specify the brand of autocover?

    I'm trying to figure out some basis for comparison for you Best bet is to ask the steel guy if polymer walls are available, if they make any price difference, and tell him you're trying to make sense of a wide differential in estimates....I'm betting he'll tell you exactly why its different. Then ask concrete guy the merits of concrete, why its cheaper than sterl or polymer walls etc.
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    Re: Just received my first estimates.... would love feedback

    We just put a somewhat similar pool (liner with concrete - 20 x 40 freeform shape, 4' to 6' depth, saltwater, gas heat, but we have a hot tub and sun shelf also) in this year in eastern Kansas also. We received several levels of quotes when we were shopping around also. The base price for the pool, gas heater, salt system, Easy Touch 8 automation, 4 lights (I didn't include the extras-spa, etc we have) was right about in between your two quotes. Concrete decking was $7/sqft for colored broomed and $11/sqft for colored stamped. We used colored broom around the pool and colored stamped concrete on an upper area where we also put a fireplace in. Other items to consider are a cover for the winter, and automatic pool cleaner (it's great).

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