I had a recent post but decided this is a new issue, although related, so I'm starting a new post.

I have a hayward swimclear paper filter housing from 2003 that has a leak coming from the upper part of the black part on top where the pressure gauge is attached. I replaced the 2 o-rings on it this week (with lube) so it's not leaking from the bottom any longer but it is leaking from under the top cap area. I don't think this comes apart. I have attached photos so you can see where the drip is coming from.

My question is, does anyone know if this part can be fixed or do I need to replace it? And if I replace it, I have been told my particular filter housing is no longer sold and the newer version has a very different-looking gauge and part there with a pressure release on top - I wonder if that part is interchangeable with mine?

My last question is, my gauge is down about 3 when my pentair pump is running at 1200. Is that the correct pressure? Seems low. But the pump seems to be working well and suction is good, etc. from what I can observe.IMG_2971.jpg