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Thread: Using more than one chlorine source

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    Using more than one chlorine source


    Can I combine chlorine sources by adding half the amount needed from trichlor and half with bleach. Here's my most recent analysis:

    6-Nov-15 80 <20 4 0 275 7.4

    Even with the low CYA I don't have excessive chlorine consumption (about 2 ppm per day drop). I'm guessing that's partly due to the screened enclosure that partially emulates an indoor pool. I will be out of town for up to 10 days so I'm thinking the best thing to do is to raise my level up to 10 ppm (half the CL consumed in 10 days) with liquid and add enough trichlor to the chlorinator for the other half of the CL that will be consumed. Even with my normal CL consumption I'd feel better getting to the normal range you recommend and this approach should get me there over time and then I'll use liquid and add trichlor only as needed from the rain water dilution I get here.

    Does my plan make sense to this Pool Think Tank?

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    Re: Using more than one chlorine source

    Lots of us use trichlor pucks when we leave town.

    If you scroll down to the bottom of poolmath, it has a section called Effects of Adding Chemicals. See how much CYA you'll be adding with the amount of pucks you think you'll need and don't go overboard. Also note what it will do to pH. The pH drop is an estimate; the pH will rise some over a few days naturally to counteract things but the TA will also drop some. Also down near the bottom you can set up the recommended levels for using trichlor as the chlorine source. You'll see that TA should be kept on the high side to counterract the acidity of trichlor.

    Also be aware that daily chlorine loss is a percentage, not a fixed amount. If you normally raise it to 6 every day and it drops to 4, you'll lose 1/3 each day. So if you start at 10, the first day you'll lose 3.3, the next day 2.2, then about 1.5 and so on.

    Me? I've dumped an extra jug of bleach in and stuffed a floater with pucks and left for a week with no problem.
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