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Thread: DE - Hayward Pressure too High

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    DE - Hayward Pressure too High


    I am new to the pool world, just completed disassembling/washing my filter, reloaded fresh DE and the pressure was 20 psi. My pool store recommended we take the filter apart and wash it down with a filter cleaning spray, after letting the grids sit there for an hour they were washed down and loaded again. Pressure stayed at the same level (20 psi).

    We ordered a new gauge, just trying to eliminate a faulty gauge reading, the new gauge read the same pressure (20psi)

    My grids are slightly broken, not too bad according to my neighbor. They look old or worn out, yet none of them are broken.

    I read here washing with dishwasher soap first, then soak in acid. Should I replace them? Can you think of any other reason why the pressure is so high?

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    Re: DE - Hayward Pressure too High

    What pump do you have?

    What's the lowest pressure you have ever had?

    Do you have solar?

    Can you give a better description of your entire system?
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    Re: DE - Hayward Pressure too High

    And, in addition, how old are the grids? There is a time to replace them.

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    Re: DE - Hayward Pressure too High


    If you have a high powered pump or a real long return line, twenty might be normal pressure for you. It sort of depends on what you've seen historically. You might also check the valve position. My pressure jumps quite a bit when I'm on spa only because there are fewer jets to handle the return flow. It could be normal. Only you know if it's suddenly taken a jump.

    That being said... . you're in Texas, where hard water is common. Your grids could be calcified. Did they feel soft or hard, like they were starched? If hard, an acid bath (use a clean plastic trash can) might clean them If the internal ribs are broken, they could flatten out under pressure and reduce the water flow which will drive the pressure even higher. In that case, the only cure is replacement.
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