Hi Guys

Hope someone can please offer some advice please, so my parents bought a home in Florida 15 years ago it has an in ground pool and hot tub/spa, the way it used to work was we had a control panel from Jandy on the deck wall with buttons for spa bubbles/blower and heat, next to that was a wall timer (I call it an egg timer) which goes upto 60mins and it turned the jets off in the pool and directed the pump to the spa so it was isolated. After the 60 mins were up the valves would turn back to the pool and the water would run from pool into the spa and be a waterfall over into the pool and circulate this way.

15 years later and though some hard times the Jandy system was hit my lightening and the valves not working. I have just finished installing a Hayward VSP and a salt system for the pool and want to surprise them with a working spa again.

I have seen a neighbor had a pool company in to install a similar system but without the Jandy box and just using the egg timers on the wall to isolate the spa from the pool. I don't have a working pool heater right now so I don't need the heat, just the jets. I am pretty handy and can normally do this sort of work if I have instructions but I can't find any sort of guide for information to be able to do this online, I still have the old actuator valves in place and the boxs from before so I have a little help but I would really like to replace all this with a simple on/off system if possible.

Can anyone help with any pointers please?

Thank you