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Thread: Iron stains, treatment and opening the pool

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    Iron stains, treatment and opening the pool

    Question for all -

    We are getting some staining and have had success with the AA treatment at removing these stains. They tended to come back over the year though. We just closed the pool. I would like to treat when I open the pool in the spring b/c the temps will still be low enough to slow algea growth. We have a company open the pool for us - I think I may be able to do it this year - I'm pretty sure I can remove the cover and reattach the SWG. They usually dump a lot of chlorine in - not what I want if I'm going to do the AA treatment. So my question is what order do I do things?

    Do I open, clean up all the debris, keep at shock levels until it passes the overnight test and CC< 0.5 and then put the algaecide, drop the FC to 0 and do the AA treatment or...
    AA treatment first and slowly increase FC? I think the first is the way to go to kill off anything that grew over winter?

    Sorry to sound so stupid!
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    Re: Iron stains, treatment and opening the pool

    First off. Not stupid! This is a very good question and it's kinda the horns of a dilemma. If it was me, I would get the water clean and balanced. Then do the AA treatment. If you have algae, you really need to get it gone for the AA to be most effective.

    I'm sure there are others who will be along shortly to expand on what I've said. But I didn't want your good question not to have some answer.
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    Re: Iron stains, treatment and opening the pool

    Hi Michelle, and welcome. I'm assuming you use one of the recommended test kits -- if not, my advice would be different.

    If you closed the TFP way and intend to open early, eg. April, you may find that you have residual FC. If like me, your residual FC is about 4 ppm when you open and you have about 30 cya...and you're testing with a reliable drop kit to know this...etc., then I'd either manipulate the FC to drop it for the AA treatment or wait a few days and let it drop to do the AA, just manually cleaning any debris, filtering, adjusting ph etc. You could at this point add polyquat as well.

    Here's why...shocking/slamming with metals only oxidizes the iron causing, which causes more staining -- which is why I'm thinking that its kinda pointless if you've opened with adequate FC and CYA ratio (if that doesn't make sense, read the link in my signature. I might be off base here because with swg your cya may be higher, in which case you could bring FC up to correct level for a few days without shocking/slamming and see if you pass the OCLT at 10 ppm .)

    Also, AA works much more slowly in cold weather/water IME, just so you know, so expect to double or triple the time you leave it. After you add the sequestrant, be sure not to slam/shock again for at least a week.

    If you open to 0 FC for any reason, then slam is in order to neutralize any possible ammonia and to restore sanitization level. If you don't have a TFT or Taylor k2006 specifically, you can get one here: AA treatments are flying blind without kit, but assuming you know this.

    Also, since you're SWG, I believe you will need to use Jack's magenta, which is specifically formulated for swg sequestering.

    Lastly, stains come back due to high ph, slamming, and not maintaining enough sequestrant. Going forward, try to control these parameters and you might not have to do the AA again

    Best wishes for a smooth spring opening. Feels so far away now, doesn't it
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