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Thread: Overwhelmed

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    I bought my home with the pool 3yrs ago, and sense then I have read as much as i can to learn how to properly take care of said pool and I have failed epicly! In 3yrs I have had 3 algae blooms and it would have been more but I let them last sometimes for months (I am ashamed, but really didn't have much choice). I am just coming off an algae bloom now.

    CYA- low enough I can not get a read on it
    PH- 7.2 ppm
    FC- 3.5 ppm (added 121oz of 8.25% Bleach 2 hrs before taking the read)
    CC- 2.0 ppm (I don't understand the concept of CC at all)
    TA- 70 ppm
    CH- 280 ppm

    I have 2 Floaters, but just put the last of my Trichlor in them, any recommendations on the Trichlor I should buy. How much Trichlor should I add and how often? From what I understand Trichlor adds CYA, should I add CYA my self sense it is so low? If so any recommendations on that as well? My pool is blue, but very cloudy I read that Clarifier is not good to use, is this true? I am also of the understanding that I should not use Flocculant because I can not vacuum to waist, is this true?
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    Re: Overwhelmed

    Welcome to the forum.

    read "The ABC's of Pool Water Chemistry" up in Pool School. It has the basic information (including CC's) that will help you get started.

    Everything we teach here begins and ends with precise testing. Your test results look accurate but please tell us their source.....did you test yourself?

    Also tell us what your water looks like currently.

    Many of us here keep our pools crystal clear all season long. The key to that is testing and then understanding what to do with the test results. We'll help you but you'll have to break some of your old habits. We'll be ready when you are.
    Dave S.
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    Re: Overwhelmed

    While you're reading.... know that CC is bad stuff; it is basically "used up" FC. You want your result to be 0 or no more than 0.5.

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    Re: Overwhelmed

    Samma - Looks like you got a good test kit. The K-2006 is one we recommend so you are good there. Hope you got the C option. If not, you may need to order some refills soon. When you say the CYA is so low you can't tell; Do you mean the dot goes away as soon as you put a tiny amount of mixture in, Or do you mean you fill the vial all the way and the dot is still there? Also, note: If you aren't sure about the value, you can pour the mixture back into the mixing bottle and then add to vial. Some folks do this a few times, just to be sure.

    Also, NO more Solid Chlorine. We only use it for vacations and then only if you can't get a neighbor to drop some bleach for you.
    With a CC level that high you are probably in for a SLaM. Unless you have used MPS in your pool. Can you give us a rundown of all the stuff you've tried and approximately how long ago it was?

    Also, pictures. We love pictures. Looking down into pool with something that goes into the deep end would be best. Plus an overall shot whoud be great.
    Bob - INTEX 12x24 owner, 'New to me' Kreepy Krauly Sand Shark, Test kit: TF-100 w/Speed Stir

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