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Thread: Grey Mottling

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    Grey Mottling

    I had a pool installed last spring and within a month grey mottling appeared. The plaster company started working on the pool to resolve. I ask them to work in the spa first to see if they could resolve the issue. They drained, torched it, acid washed it. It did lighten up the grey spots but they are still there. They then tried to add acid to the entire pool and the grey was lightened but still pretty bad. They then said they needed to drain the pool and acid wash and torch the walls. I was away for a week and when I came home the spa walls were covered with algae. The pool walls were still fine. Since the water for the pool circulates via the spa the water chemicals were the same. The only difference was that the walls of the spa had been torched and acid washed. --- Could the acid wash have cause that much difference in the plaster smoothness to cause agae to grow only in the spa? T

    I ask the plaster company about it and that said spas always have agae problems first. The pool is 15 years old and I have never seen the spa and pool have a different rate of algae growth. I said I needed something promising the acid wash on the pool would not have a negative impact on the plaster. They said they had just been nice up to now bit that the grey mottling was caused from environment conditions and not from defective plaster work.

    What are my chances of a court forcing them to honour thier warranty?
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    Re: Grey Mottling

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    Re: Grey Mottling

    I doubt anyone here can answer the question regarding litigation.

    Algae is a chemical issue, generally too much stabilizer too little free chlorine which has nothing to do with the plaster. That you say the pool & so always have e same amount of algae growth indicates that the chemical imbalance is an ongoing issue.

    As to the mottling, I can only make a guess due to the lack of detail. My pool had mottling when I purchased the house and my suspicion is that it is due to the previous owner not paying attention to pH and CH.

    I would recommend starting reading in Pool School, specifically the ABCs of Pool Water Chemestry.

    What test kit are you using to test the water?
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    Re: Grey Mottling

    What was the warranty?

    Let's start there. Post the warranty language.
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