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Thread: Possibly easy, possibly difficult problem

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    Possibly easy, possibly difficult problem

    I have several issues with our inground Pebble Tec pool. Sand filter, 13,500 gallons. 30'x 15' x 4'. The 4' is an average depth. It goes from 3' on each end to 5' in the middle.

    First thing, I live in TN but the pool is in AZ. So I cannot go and do things to it. It is being maintained by a renter who is a relative, but is a complete novice to pools.


    The 2 HP pump motor was replaced with a 1.5 HP motor. Don't ask why.

    The several tubes connecting the pool vacuum (Hayward) to the connector on the side of the pool was replaced by a single 25' one, which is longer than it was when it was several 4' sections. I think it was 16' long then, but I cannot recall for sure.

    It is very very green (opaque). They seem to be having problems keeping it clean.

    The vacuum feet do move freely but it does not drive around when released. There is vacuum on the line.

    Is it possible that the undersized motor is the source of the problem in that it cannot provide enough vacuum to drive the Hayward?

    Is it possible that the extra long vacuum line is the source of the problem in that it reduces the amount of pull available to drive the Hayward?

    If I need to put in the correct sized motor, will any 2 HP motor do, or are they different with the connections and such? If they are different, what do I need to look for to determine the correct one?

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to help.

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    Re: Possibly easy, possibly difficult problem

    We need a little more info. Is there a main drain? If there is they should close the valve to close it when they vacuum. That should add the "power" to the cleaner. 1.5 hp pump should do the job.

    They need to get a GOOD test kit. See my siggy for where to buy one. If they have anything other than clear water they need to order the TF-100XL to clear their pool.

    They need to sign on here and read this..............

    Pool School - SLAM - Shock Level And Maintain

    IF they are able and willing to do a SLAM there is more reading for them to do when they get the pool clear.

    This is what we use in our pools:

    Pool School - Recommended Pool Chemicals

    Let us know what they/you decide to do.

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    Re: Possibly easy, possibly difficult problem

    Hello and welcome to TFP! Kim has given you some great info and essential links. But I suspect you'll need to encourage your renters (family) to hop on this web site themselves and take charge of the pool the right way. They need to learn the TFP Pool School principles. There's no way for you to do long-distance management. THEY need to understand these principles which are in-fact quite easy to learn using just basic household chemicals. I wouldn't spend a lot of time wondering about the pump or any other equipment causing the green water, that's going to be a result of the chemistry. I would encourage your renters to join TFP, create a profile, and list all of the pool info in their signature for us to see. As Kim noted, it all starts with the proper test kit. I also highly recommend the TF-100 based on its value (size of reagents) and quality (Taylor products).
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