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Thread: Metal Frame vs. Ring AG Pools?

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    Metal Frame vs. Ring AG Pools?

    Hi! We are new to the forum and need advice. Can anyone compare the metal frame AG pools to the ring AG pools? Has anyone owned both? We have owned a 16' x 42" Quick-Set ring pool for 6 years and loved it! We set it up each year on the lawn (no pad or prep whatsoever) and take it down and store it each winter. Now they have the metal frame pools which look about the same to me? They seem to be more expensive on average, so are they better - or just newer? I do like that they have the filter attached to the side of the pool rather then having it sit on the ground. I also like that there is no plastic ring to clean under and around (lots of dirt, bugs, ect. get trapped under there in ours). We have four kids ranging from 13 down to 1 year, and a wide variety of swimming abilities. The little ones do a lot of hanging on the ring. Is the metal frame sturdy enough to support this (or soft enough for the little guys)? Does the surface need to be completely level for the metal frame? It doesn't seem as flexible as the ring. We put ours on a slope so there is a "deep end" - will this work for a metal frame? Or should we stick to the ring? Give me pros and cons for both please! Thanks so much!

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    Re: Metal Frame vs. Ring AG Pools?

    Its a little early in the season for the regular folks with these pools who may show up later as things warm up....I'm sure they'll chime in. Keep trying for a response.

    I do believe the surface must be level.

    Good luck!
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    Re: Metal Frame vs. Ring AG Pools?

    I have had both if you are talking about the intex pools 3-4 yrs ago. I liked the ring one because it didn't really matter if the ground was level or not because the pool just fell in place and never had a problem with the skimmer. Our ring pool was 18' round and was perfect size. Unfortunately it only lasted a year because there was a hole in the ring from stuff being put on it in the winter that wasn't able to be repaired. So we went out and bought a metal frame pool because it was later in the season and that was the only pool available. Our metal frame pool was only 15' round and the ground wasn't level were the skimmer was so there was always a problem with that. So I would say the metal frame pool really needs to be on level ground. With the ring pool I never realized that the ground was that uneven. The set up for the filter was the same for both pools. It was on the ground with both of the pools. If I had to choose again, I would go with the ring pool. I saw in Walmart the other day there is now an Intex Ultra Metal pool which is supposed to be stronger than the original metal frame pools.
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    Re: Metal Frame vs. Ring AG Pools?

    Can't really chime in about the metal frame pool, but this will be our ninth summer with our 18ft. ring pool. The two things I like about the ring pool is that the ground doesn't have to be perfect(ours has always been 1-3" off in various directions each year, and the fact that you can dig it deeper with no ill effects, other then a few wrinkles in the bottom. I dug out, basically the whole bottom of our pool another foot, so the water was a foot deeper in the whole pool, except for about a 1 ft. wide ring around the side. We haven't had any issues with stuff getting under the ring either as long as the pool is full so the sides are all the way up.

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    Re: Metal Frame vs. Ring AG Pools?

    I think the biggest drawback between the two is the ring because of the ability to get damaged. We fought with damages to ours for years. We had the very first ones that came out almost 20 years ago, then went with a hard side pool, then moved up to our current pool. I have no experience with the metal framed pools but if I were to choose between those two now, I would go with the metal framed version just because of that fact - I would not use the filter and pump that came with it though.
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