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Thread: I need thermistor specs for Hayward Pool Boss PSC2201 System temperature sensor.

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    I need thermistor specs for Hayward Pool Boss PSC2201 System temperature sensor.

    My pool system wired remote recently started showing the pool temperature to be 183, 184, or other unusual numbers such as 1F3. (hexadecimal number?)

    I've read that if the pool temperature sensor goes bad then this will result in unusual readings such as this, so I tried to find a replacement temperature sensor to replace the one that came with the system.

    I have a Hayward Pool Boss model PSC2201. Everywhere I've checked stated that the Pool Boss system was obsolete, but I found another site that recommended the replacement, GLX-PC-12-KIT thermometer kit, so I purchased and installed that. This didn't correct the problem. I paid a pool repairman to come check the system and he also said that the thermometer shows to be obsolete and so he couldn't fix the problem but was told by someone that the thermistor was a 5K Ohm sensor but he didn't have any way of getting a replacement.

    I found a 5K Ohm thermistor from Oven Industries (TR141-176 Temperature Sensor $12.95) but the remote display still shows the temperature to be way off.

    I contacted Hayward Support online and at first they recommended the GLX-PC-12-KIT thermometer kit, but when I told them that I had already tried that kit and that my pool system was in fact the Pool Boss model PSC2201, their only response back was that the Pool Boss system was obsolete and that I should replace my entire system with one of their other ones.

    Surely someone could find a replacement, or at least have the technical specifications on the thermistor that is needed? What is the Ohm of the thermistor and is it in fact a NTC type sensor?

    I really would hate to have to replace my entire system because of a $20 part. I surely wouldn't buy another Hayward system if this turns out to be the only solution though, since apparently they don't keep supporting their systems and don't have access to the technical specifications on parts for their systems. My pool is only 10 years old.

    Any help with the specifications for the thermistor the Pool Boss model PSC2201 system requires would be greatly appreciated, or if you know where I can find a replacement temperature sensor.


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    Re: I need thermistor specs for Hayward Pool Boss PSC2201 System temperature sensor.

    It should be a 10k ohm and it's most likely a NTC. You said that the temp was way off, but if you increase the temp does the numbers track in the right direction? If so, at least you have the correct type. A lot of places have thermistors. Dyer, Omega, Newark, etc.
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    Re: I need thermistor specs for Hayward Pool Boss PSC2201 System temperature sensor.

    Have you tested your thermistor using an ohmmeter? if it has a smooth response from ambient temp to hot faucet water temp, I'd wonder if the problem might be elsewhere.

    If it is the thermistor, you could possibly figure out the value needed by replacing it with a 10K pot, installed as a variable resistor and see what range of resistance corresponds to your normal operating range. 10K pots are dirt cheap (Radio Shack, Amazon Prime). If that doesn't provide sensible temperature readings, I'd be almost certain your problem is elsewhere.
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