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Thread: Intellichlor Fallout

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    Intellichlor Fallout

    I had my pool remodeled and converted to salt water four years ago. All Pentair equipment was installed, including an Easy Touch panel and IC40 Intellichlor salt cell

    For about the last year I've had trouble with with what my pool guy calls "fallout" from the salt cell. I had a dark pebble finish installed and the "fallout" is ruining it. I can't seem to find anyone who knows what to do about it. I've canned one pool guy and the current one has no better answer. His line is that the "Intellichlor is known for this problem". He swears the chemistry of the pool is perfect.

    I could really use some help on this.

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    Re: Intellichlor Fallout

    Welcome to TFP.
    If you could describe more what this "fallout" is, it might help.

    Whatever it is though, I doubt its due to the SWG. Sounds ot me like the pool guy isnt very pool chemistry educated.

    Can you post a picture of what you're talking about?

    To REALLY determine what's happening, I would suggest you get your own really good test kit and test the water yourself. Dont trust it to anyone else. And then post those test results here. We have some really smart chemistry savvy members on TFP who can analyze reliable test results. We would recommend either the Taylor K2006 or the TF-100 test kit. They are both awesome and extremely reliable. These kits generally arent available in a pool store, but are available online.
    Divin Dave,
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    Re: Intellichlor Fallout

    Sounds like pool service guy mumbo-jumbo...essentially they don't know what the heck their talking about but they are trying to sound "smart". You are right to be wary of this, they are trying to play you.

    So here's what we need to help you. Pictures of what it is you are seeing and RELIABLE test kits results. Pool store tests will not cut it. You need to get yourself (think of it as an investment in your pool) either a Taylor K-2006C test kit OR a TF-100 from You then need to learn to do your own water testing and take control of your pool.

    We will be here to help, we just the right data to help you with.

    Welcome to TFP

    PS - Think of it this way, when you buy the test kit and learn to take care of your own pool chemistry the money save from firing the pool "expert" will more than make up for the one you spend on the test kit, not to mention how much you'll save on chemicals.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Divin Dave was quicker than me on the're in good hands now!!
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    Re: Intellichlor Fallout

    The Intellichlor works like any other swg. There is no known problem with the Intellichlor. The chemistry is probably off. Can you post a full set of chemistry readings, including water temperature, copper and iron?
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