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Thread: InTex pool closing

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    InTex pool closing

    I am getting ready to close my pool. It seems the skimmer and return line are so far down from the top on this pool that it causes the liner to take a beating in the wind. What would be wrong with filling the pool all the way to the top and finding someway to cap off the water from leaving the pool and getting into any fittings? That way the pool cover only has about 6" to travel in the wind.

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    Re: InTex pool closing

    That's what I had to do with my pool. I plugged the outlet and return holes with expandable rubber plugs I purchased at the hardware store.
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    Re: InTex pool closing

    I just finished draining mine below the return and realized that the cover I bought probably won't work right. I think I am just going to leave mine drained as it is and leave it uncovered. Last year and the year before that is what happened with my 18', even though that didn't start out as the plan. There were no ill effects on the pool. My new location has fewer leaves, so I think I am going to drain the sand filter, put the pump in the garage, and leave it as is.
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    Re: InTex pool closing

    I drained mine to about 1" below the skimmer, and used the waste port cap from my sandfilter to cap the original suction port. Then I disconnected all my rigid plumbing and covered with a standard pool cover. I used the cable from the cover, passing it behind the legs, and loosely laced a poly-rope through the cover grommits and bottom rope to keep it from blowing off. Then I put a net leaf cover over slightly snug to keep the leaves up out of any water that collects on the cover. I'll take the leaf net off once all the leaves have fallen.

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