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    Ads for this new product, pHin, have been showing up on my Facebook feed. It tests the water and sends a message to your smart phone telling you what you need to add to your pool. Anyone know anything about this other than what the ad says? It sounds like the product has yet to be released and there are no customer reviews yet.
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    It has been discussed before and is not something we would recommend. They use technology that can be finicky and problematic (ORP) and use test strips for other readings that again are not recommended by TFP.

    But, the biggest thing is their business model is being constructed on selling/shipping you chemicals. Here is a comment from one of their employees posted here in June:

    Quote Originally Posted by Justin-pHin View Post
    Hi everyone, just one small correction to this post: We don't have any issues with our testing, we use the test strips to test slower moving variables, such as CYA, Total Hardness and Total Alkalinity, as well as to ensure our sensors are calibrated with respect to pH and ORP.

    And yes, our business model is around selling you the chemicals you need - in fact, we give away our monitor ($299 value) as part of a paid subscription. By working directly with the chemical manufacturers we think we can give most pool owners the chemicals they need at a price that's at least as good as what they can get via retail - and include the monitor too! Our goal is to provide a simple, easy to use solution for most pool and hot tub owners. One important point on this, because we sell the chemicals as part of a subscription, we're not motivated to over-chemicalize your water like some retailers. We want you to have a clean and healthy pool, with as few chemicals as possible.

    We understand that some people really like to geek out on their pool chemistry and want to get into all the details, we may not be the solution for those people; there are also some people for whom money is no object, and they'll pay for a pool service, regardless of cost; but we believe that many people don't want to spend a lot, and just want to enjoy their pool without the hassle - we think we are the perfect solution for those people.

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