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Thread: New pool startup

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    New pool startup

    Getting ready for new pool fill. It is a 24x48 3ft -9ftdeep. Approx 54,000 gal. Shotcrete pool. Aquamatic cover. Plastering pool in approx 2 weeks. Equip. Intelliflo var speed 3hp. Tg100 sand filter raypak 406. Nature 2. 320 rainbow chlorinater. Tested water from tap. Ph 8. Fc. 1.5. Cc .05. Tc 2.0. Ch 100ppm ta 70. I have 4 bottles of jacks magenta stuff for startup. What type of chlorine is reccommended to run in chlorinater l? Any other suggestions for startup? I am a first time pool owner and builder.
    24x48 ig plaster 52,000 gal. Intelliflo vs 3hp. tg 100sand Raypak 406 gas 320 chlorinater. Aquamatic cover. 2" plumbing. Covered conditioned pool equipment room. 12 ft 3/4 meter diving board turbo twister slide. Kansas City MO. Tf 100

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    Re: New pool startup

    A few items:

    1) New Pool Fill (Your PH will continue to increase, so you must keep an eye on this), and could continue for quite a while. Please become familiar with using Muriatic Acid. You will need to purchase a measuring device, heavy duty gloves, eyewear, a painters mask (for breathing), and always wear old jeans, sweatshirts, and socks. Unless you are familiar with using (MA), this is a safety precaution.

    2) You will need to balance your pool initially with chemicals. It appears that you tested FC off your tap water. That seems excessive. I am not familiar with Kansas City water, but it is possible.

    3) Sorry, thought you had a Nature 2 Chlorinator, but those were numbers. You could use 3" tablets, both Tri-chlor and Cal-Hypo, which will increase your calcium levels where they need be, including your CYA. Once you reach your target levels for your pool, then you can switch over to liquid chlorine (bleach).

    4) Please read over (many times), the articles in "Pool School" and you will get an idea on how to take care of your pool. Any confusing items, please post a new thread in the appropriate area. Considering most pools are closed, you will get a quicker response these days, if not within the hour.

    Important, if not the most important item you will here over and over (so let's get it out of the way), is to provide accurate test results. Here on the forum, there are only (2) recommended test kits. Most of the members own the TF-100. Without accurate test results, it will be difficult to put you in the right direction. The great news here is that you found TFP before even filling up your pool.

    Welcome to TFP. Here is a link to the recommended test kits. I would suggest you purchase a Speed Stir as it makes your life easier and testing fun.

    Once your water is filled up, please post results here as follows:

    CYA = Cyanuric Acid
    TC = Total Chlorine
    CC = Combined Chlorine
    CH = Calcium Hardness
    TA = Total Alkalinity
    PH = PH

    Additionally, there will be no need for any "magic potions" that pool stores will try to sell you. No need to shock your pool, add clarifiers, algaecides, etc. Under rare occasions are any of these products recommended. If there any issues in the future, we will assist you in rectifying the problem.
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