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Thread: For those who don't close pool - Does your testing schedule change off season

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    For those who don't close pool - Does your testing schedule change off season

    Now that I seem to have dialed in my chemicals and seem to be able to predict the amount of MA needed on a daily basis I've gone to testing FC, CC and pH every other day. During off season does anyone alter their testing schedule? I still run a full run of testing every Saturday.
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    Re: For those who don't close pool - Does your testing schedule change off season

    As the pool starts to cool off the pool will start to use less chemicals to maintain the balance. Your pool will most likely still require a fair bit of acid to keep the pH below 8, but it should taper off soon. The SWG output will also have to be reduced and during the coldest months it might have to be turned off if the water is too cold.

    Keep up the testing to see the pool's trends and adjust as you see fit. Since your pool is a newly plastered pool it will take a year to settle in and then it will be pretty consistent.

    I test CYA, TA, CH, salt, and borates once a month as those parameters stay stable in my pool. The FC gets tested everyday the DW teaches lessons and the pH once a week.
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    Re: For those who don't close pool - Does your testing schedule change off season

    After having two pools I've learned what they require in the off season months.

    It sounds a bit foolhardy possibly but I only test chlorine twice a week if that, in off season
    and do the other tests maybe every other month. I run the pump 4 hours only on saturdays during that time.

    I've been lucky to have very stable PH at both pools. Nothing changes all year.

    During summer I test chlorine every other day (the pool needs 1/2 gal bleach every 4 days like clock work)
    and other tests once a month. pump runs 4 hrs daily.
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    Re: For those who don't close pool - Does your testing schedule change off season

    We are just coming out of Winter in Australia, and at the beginning of winter, I tested for FC and Ph every few days, recording my results as I went along and adjusting my SWG or adding MA when PH rose. Once my FC was holding relatively steady, and then when I got my TA right and Ph starting holding, I went to once a week testing for these 2 parameters. Now things are warming up again I've gone back to 2 times a week testing. All other testing CYA, CH and TA once a month.
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    Re: For those who don't close pool - Does your testing schedule change off season

    Every pool is going to be a bit different. I think it takes a full year of maintaining one, and go through all of the seasons, until you really learn how often you should test.

    Me, after the leaves have all fallen, and hte water gets down below 50, which is usually Mid November here in my part of Texas.
    There isnt much UV to burn off FC, so I use Bleach and bump it up to at least double what I keep it at during summer, then let it drift down over time.
    I only test once every 2 or 3 weeks and add FC as needed. I test pH weekly though.
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    Re: For those who don't close pool - Does your testing schedule change off season

    My observations - first fall
    I am noticing that as the pool cools down, my SWG barely gets turned on by the controller, since ORP is almost always above 700.
    This is in AZ and pool water temp is 75 today (was above 85F till last weekend and I have the heater off to observe our first cool down of the pool)

    The FC levels are around 3-4 ppm and I run my pump on low (80 Watts) from 9 am to 3 pm .. and 2 hours of high speed (1500 Watts) at night.
    pH is maintained by the Stenner pump at 7.5 and I had to fill it with 2 gal of 1:4 MA for the first time in a couple of months.
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