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Thread: White Scale Stains

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    White Scale Stains

    Just completed my 4th pool season. During the 2nd season I started noticing white patches on the sides of my Leisure Pool (Tuscany 23 Salt Chl). After contacting the pool company and following their recommendations, nothing seemed to work. I worked hard to maintain a low ph and used Beautec Scale Removal and ran my pump 24/7. I have contacted my local Leisure Pools dealer and since construction I have heard very little from them. Leisure Pools Corporate Office did make an attempt to assist me by suggesting using Beautec. Is there anything beyond chemical treatment or maybe something I might have missed in my research. I take pride in my pool and am embarrassed of the stains. I would like to someday get a decent return from my investment. I understand the danger in draining a fiberglass pool. Is there any treatment that can be done to physically remove the stains. Does Leisure Pools have any responsibility to see a solution to the problem. Thanks
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    Re: White Scale Stains

    Welcome to TFP

    Sorry to hear about your scaling issues. How are you chlorinating and taking care of your pool water? It would really help us help you if we knew more about your water's chemical balance. In order to do that, you need one of the recommended test kits that all of us use here. The TFPC Method is all about teaching people how to take care of their own pools so you never have to rely on an unresponsive pool company or pool stores again. Hopefully you can spend some time on the site getting to know us and what we teach. If you do decide to go ahead and purchase your own test kit, it will be the single best investment you can make in the life of your pool. You obviously see your pool as an investment of your hard-earned money and that's exactly how we see it too! TFP is a community of do-it-yourself people who love their pools and want the very best pool possible.

    Keep posting and we'll try to help. Unfortunately, without accurate and reliable test numbers, we really can't advise you much. What you have looks like calcium scaling and there may be ways we can help with that, but not without knowing the exact chemistry of your pool water. Physical removal methods may not be necessary, but again, it's hard to say.

    Good luck,

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    Re: White Scale Stains

    Hi John,

    Hopefully somone will be along soon that maybe can help.

    Very likely, the cause of the scaling is your water being out of balance. High CH and High pH combined with other things can certainly cause scaling.

    There will be some questions for you, so I will start with the first couple of them.
    Who has been testing your water and advising you of the chemical levels?

    Do you have a good test kit that you can use to test all of the water parameters yourself? We consider a good test kit either a Taylor K2006, or a TF-100. Most other test kits, strips or the computers at the pool store are very very inaccurate and we support pool owners not to rely on others to test your water.

    If you dont have a good kit, are you willing to get one?

    We are not trying to sell you a test kit. But if we dont have accurate and reliable numbers, then any advice is just a wild guess and doesn't do anyone any good.

    Also, here is a Pool School article that may help understand a bit better how the different chemicals in the water play together. This is the best place to start in learning more about pool chemistry.
    Pool School - ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry
    Divin Dave,
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    Re: White Scale Stains

    if the pool was filled with tucson tap (very hard) water then this mineral build up aint going away any time soon. the water there is very hard. with my standalone spa i fill 80% soft water and then 20% tap, this seems to keep mineral scaling to a minimum. if you have a auto-fill then maybe see if you can get that over to a soft water supply?

    i am not sure what the name is for pools, but i have anti-scaling liquid for my fountains, maybe you need some of that?

    as for getting it off, dunno, maybe a light cloth-buffing with some vinegar?

    i certainly no expert here, but have dealt with az water quite a bit.

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    Re: White Scale Stains

    Hard water can be managed so that calcium scaling is prevented. Maintaining your water so that the CSI stays in range will prevent scaling. Entering your numbers into Poolmath will calculate your CSI number and you can adjust PH and TA to keep it in range

    More here, Pool School - Calcium Scaling and here, Langelier and Calcite Saturation Indices (LSI and CSI)

    More on using Poolmath here, Pool School - PoolMath

    As others have indicated you need a good test kit so that you have accurate numbers to work with. I use the TF100 from
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