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Thread: Acid wash de grids

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    Acid wash de grids

    If I use ph- powder for the acid wash recommended here in a 10:1 mixture, how much do I add per gallon of water?
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    Re: Acid wash de grids

    Can you provide a few more details about exactly what you're using? What pH powder do you have? Throwing out "10:1", it sounds like they want you to dilute your acid by like 90% (actually, a bit more since it would be 10/11 but 9/10 is easier to do in my head sitting here) but what assumptions are they making about the kind or strength of acid to use? You might search here on 'acid wash de grids' and see what you find.
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    Re: Acid wash de grids

    Why would you not use muriatic acid for your acid wash? Much easier and a better job.

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    Re: Acid wash de grids

    Before you acid wash the grids you need to de-grease them first.
    Quote Originally Posted by Waste
    To chemically clean the grids/ nest:
    1) Have a bucket/container large enough to hold the entire assembly - A large plastic garbage can works well.
    2) #1 Add some TSP (tri-sodium-phosphate) to the water or some electric dishwasher detergent to the water and soak the grids for at least 3 hours - this will "de-grease" the membranes and is the first step in cleaning them, rinse with hose and get ready for step 3.
    3) Dump the container, refill with water and add muriatic acid to the water so that you have a 10:1 water:acid mixture and soak the grids for at least another 3 hours, this will clean any calcium off of the grids. Rinse grids again and reinstall them in the filter.
    4) Now, run pump and bleed off the air from the filter and add 100% of the DE the filter calls for.
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