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Thread: Resurfaced Pool Showing White Streaking and Patches

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    Resurfaced Pool Showing White Streaking and Patches

    Hi. We just resurfaced our inground (approximately 32,000 gallon) gunite pool with a KrystalKrete Midnight Blue finish. We resurfaced the pool as the prior finish (8 years old) had cracking and was uneven in color. We had the pool resurfaced less than 3 weeks ago and there are lighter patches and white streaking throughout the pool. These marks were there from the very beginning. We contacted the company that did the resurfacing to have them come and check the problem. The company refused to come out and view the pool right away, immediately started to go into how we must not be maintaining the chemicals, and then stated it would go away with brushing. We consistently went to a pool servicing company in the area to check the water regularly and properly maintained the chemical levels. We also brushed the pool 2x daily as recommended by the pool plasterer.

    The plasterer has refused to come out until 3 weeks after the job was done (which will be this Wednesday). We believe the issue is due to poor workmanship or perhaps quality of product used as the discoloration was present from day 1 and has only worsened as the days progress.

    Is there anything you can suggest that we should discuss with the plasterer to help guide the conversation as it is evident to us from the plasterer's reaction (or lack thereof) that they are trying to wash their hands of any liability?

    I will try to also post some pics tomorrow. Thank you.

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    Re: Resurfaced Pool Showing White Streaking and Patches

    Sorry to hear you're going through this, first off. Secondly, some pictures might help us to see what you're describing, as fresh plaster can have some slight color variation (but not cracks). Our PB inspected some rough and dis colored areas on our new build and decided they wouldn't touch it until the 30day curing period had passed, voicing concerns that any attempt to polish the PebbleSheen could rip up fresh plaster and become a bigger problem to patch. So we waited.

    After 30days had passed, they sent out a touch up crew that used Muriatic acid in a bottle and a pneumatic grinder with a diamond wheel to smooth out the rough spots, revealing fresh plaster which was slightly lighter in color. After a week or two of chemical exposure to chlorine, CYA, et al - the color now matches perfectly with the rest of the pool, so have hope. Good luck, regardless and I hope for the best for you.

    Edited to add: try a quick search on "contract mediation" on these forums and you may get some insight into others problems and how they were solved. I would go back and study your contract to see what your options are for customer recourse. We talked to the PB crew who said the Registrar of Contractors can work to fix issues on behalf of a ROC builder.
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