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Thread: Fixing a neglected tri-chlor pool for a friend

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    Fixing a neglected tri-chlor pool for a friend

    A friend of my wife asked me to help her winterize her above ground pool. She said she would shock it and I would just need to clean out the leaves and manage the equipment. The pool is owned and "maintained" by an elderly couple and is chlorinated exclusively with trichlor.

    I brought my test kit and gave it a once over. It was bad... Real bad.

    CYA is around 200
    pH was about 6.2
    TA ... I stopped dripping at 40 drops (400+ TA).

    I am guessing the pool is in the 15k gallon range. 16x32 with squared 45 degree squared off corners and built in steps. They had it drained to the top of the returns when we got there. I had them fill it back up so that I can add chemicals and run the pump. I expect that will be about 1/3 of the water replaced. Obviously the pH needs to go up fast. I don't have time for aeration, I want to get this pool closed next weekend.

    What is my next step?

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    Re: Fixing a neglected tri-chlor pool for a friend

    Did you raise the pH right away? If the goal is to close immediately, DO fix the pH and then just close as advised here: Pool School - Closing (Winterizing) Your Above Ground Pool Then see what Spring brings. If not, let us know.

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    Re: Fixing a neglected tri-chlor pool for a friend

    Emptied my stash...6 boxes of borax and 1 of washing soda and it looks like the pH is up to acceptable but I am going to let the pump run a couple days to be sure.

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