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Thread: Acid Washing

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    Acid Washing

    I have had my pool for over 6 months now and I have balanced my pool the TFP way. I test it regularly to make sure I'm balanced. Last week, I noticed more white spots on the floor of my pool and steps. I called my PB, who came to my pool and told me that my pool looks good. He said I was doing everything right and sometimes these things happen. He was talking kind of fast but basically he told me he needed to add acid to my pool. I asked him if it was called acid washing and he said no. He told me what it was but I forgot.

    Two days ago, he came by and turned off my pool equipment. He put some kind of pump into my pool and plugged it into an outlet. He poured 6 gallons of MA into my pool. Today, he removed the pump and turned my equipment back on. Unfortunately, I was at work so I couldn't talk to him. I will call him tomorrow to ask questions.

    The pool looks a whole lot better. There are still some white spots but most of it is gone. So I then tested the water and my numbers are off. My question to you guys is regarding CH. My CH is 380. Is it ok to leave it at this level? I know the range is 250-350 so I'm not that far off but I'm just trying to make sure the white spots don't come back again.

    Also, does anyone know how I got the white spots and how I can prevent it from coming back? \

    My numbers prior to the "acid wash":
    Cl: 5.0
    pH: 7.6
    CH: 300
    CYA: 40

    My numbers after the "acid wash":
    Cl: 0.5 (I was told not to add Cl during the process. As soon as he was done, I added Cl)
    pH: probably less than 7.0 (Taylor test kit does not go below 7.0)
    TA: 100
    CH: 380
    CYA: less than 20 (Taylor test kit does not go below 20)

    Thank you.
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    Re: Acid Washing

    Yes, 380 is fine, there are people on TFP who manage CH in the 800-1000 range. Plug all your numbers in Poolmath and keep your CSI in range to avoid it. More here, Pool School - Calcium Scaling
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