Looks like Hayward has release a new rev of OmniLogic firmware, v1.4.3 on 9/8/2015 (Click on the "Support" tab):

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Has anyone updated?

From the release notes (http://www.hayward-pool.com/omnilogi...tes-R1.4.3.pdf) - the one that seems most useful to me is #3 on the fixed issues (my iPhone app and the web interface seem to lag a lot, and sometimes don't show proper state changes at all...), other than that nothing too major:

Fixed Issues:
1. DC Voltage error not being handled for TriStar VSP pumps.
When the TriStar VSP pump gets the DC voltage error, an alarm will be displayed on the controller. The
user may reset the pump and clear the alarm manually. Otherwise, after six minutes, the controller will
reset the pump and clear the alarm. The pump will not prime but will continue to run at the same speed
prior to encountering the error.
2. MSP not recovering from Theme and Internal Errors in some units.
3. Status updates are slow when distributed to Web and Mobile devices.
4. Some units lose their resource files and display question marks (???).

Continuing Issues
R1.4.3 has known issues that will be fixed in a later release:
1. Loss of Communication alarm has been sometimes observed. Reboot the controller to
gain communication with the smart components.
2. After upgrade, sometimes the msp displays a red color background with no alarm. Need to
reboot to clear the alarm color.
3. Checking the type of heater in Quick Edit will erase the relay assigned to that heater. After
checking the heater, re-assign the heater relay and save.
4. Sometimes Super Chlorinate will display as still running when it is suspended for valves
changes or when its turned off in dual equipment spa
5. Features interlocked to one of the dual equipment’s filter does not work properly when the
spillover is turned on. The feature status will not match the status of the relay.
6. Wired Terminal upgrades sometimes fail with “Firmware Revision Mismatch” or “File Transfer
failed”. Back up the configuration, Remove the configuration, and re-try the upgrade. Then reload
the configuration.
7. When configuring a pool/spa, the Super Chlorinate in spa defaults to 50% instead of 3%.
Change the percentage to 3% when configuring spa.
8. Registering a user id that contains “&” symbol in the name results in the inability to login using
the iPhone or iPad.
9. Rarely, pH might be left dispensing under running conditions. If the pH is consistently lower
than the setpoint and still dispensing, disable the dispensing from the pH feature screen.
10. Back to back theme schedules do not work. The second schedule should be configured to start
one minute after the end of the previous schedule.
11. Editing chlorination does not work properly. Instead of editing, user must delete and add new
chlorination configuration.
12. Restoring a configuration sometimes freezes the screen or fails to restore. Attempt the restore
until it works and always shutdown and restart the system after the configuration restore to
ensure proper loading of the file.
13. Variable speed pump filter runs in high speed when heater is running despite configuring the
minimum operation speed. Reconfigure the system to clear the problem.
14. Site survey sometimes fails to display list of access points. Select the refresh button on exit
and re-enter wifi bridge until the list is displayed.
15. When configuring wifi access point with WEP encryption, entering the incorrect password
responds with connection success. Enter the correct password, turn off/on the Network and
wait for the dynamic ip address to display.
16. WEP encryption access point configuration is not supported with the new Engenius WPS
custom (V1.5.38).