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Thread: Is this algae?

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    Is this algae?

    This will be my first year on BBB 100%, ended last year on bleach. Opened pool on Fri. water was murky, greenish blue. I could see alot of leaves covering main drain and dirt on the walls. I vacumed the leaves out and brushed the walls, could no longer see the bottom in deep end and water was greener. Here are my test results and what i have done so far. The weather was partly sunny and 65 on sat and 50 and light rain today, water is very cold.
    These results were noon on sat.
    FC. 4.0
    CC. 1.0
    PH. 7.5 I added 32 oz of muratic to lower ph to 7.2
    ALK 130
    CYA 50

    After ph was 7.2 I added seven- 3/4 gallon jugs of aldi bleach.
    fc cc
    1:30 21.0 .5
    2:00 21.0 .5
    3:00 20.0 1.0
    4:30 19.5 .5 add 3/4 gal bleach
    6:00 18.0 .5 add 3/4 gal bleach
    8:30 23.0 1.0
    this morning pool is light blue and I can see the main drain, cloudy cool and light rain.
    7:00 am 18.5 1.0 add 3/4 gal bleach
    1:30 pm 20 1.0
    Is this algae, If so how long should I keep fc at 20? After pool is clear how much bleach should I expect to have to add per day, with light bather load. How much of the r-0871 and r-0870 should I expect to use in a 5 month pool season, assuming that I have to check the fc level daily? Thanks in advanced.
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    Re: Is this algae?

    Welcome to TFP!!

    It's almost certain that you are battling algae (and doing it right )

    Once you rid yourself of the algae, you'll only need to use the FAS/ DPD test ~ 1X per week, otherwise, on a day to day basis, use the OTO test just to be sure that you have sufficient chlorine in the pool. I see that you have the Taylor 2006 kit, you can supplement it with one of the inexpensive cl/ pH kits from Home Depot, Walmart, etc that has the OTO test for chlorine I previously mentioned
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    Re: Is this algae?

    That sure sounds like algae.

    A really good way to know when you can stop maintaining shock level is to test the FC level in the evening after your last chlorine addition of the evening has had time to mix in, and then test FC again first thing in the morning. If you don't lose any FC overnight, or only 0.5 of FC, then you are done shocking.

    The amounts of R-0870 and R-0871 in the TF100 can usually last two seasons, but actual usage depends quite a bit on how frequently and for how long you have to shock the pool.
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