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Thread: Help water draining from inground liner pool.

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    Help water draining from inground liner pool.

    Maybe some of you have experienced this and can help me out. The water level in our pool was dropping this summer (about 2.5 inches every 4 days) so i called someone to come out and take a look. They tested the liner and found two small holes and patched it up. Pressure tested the lines and they said everything was fine. Only issue they could come up with was that the waste pipe was filled with water. They said there was probably a bad washer in the diverter valve causing water to waste while the pump is on. They suggested i could either get a new valve or put a double union ball valve on the waste pipe to prevent the leak. I choose the latter since it was quite a bit less money.

    After installing the ball valve we still have a leak.

    One thing I noticed and told the repair guy was that when the pool runs my sump pump in the house gets water. I turn off the pump and after about an hour the sump pump in the house is dry. the pump room is about 5 ft away from the house so i figured there was a cracked line off the pressure side of the pump leaking water into the drain tiles around the house. This can't be possible if the lines held pressure right?

    Just wondering others ways the system could be leaking if the vinyl liner was fixed and the lines held pressure. Thanks for any help.
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    Re: Help water draining from inground liner pool.

    It wouldn't be possible if the lines held pressure IF the pressure testing was done correctly. Did you witness it? How did they do it? Sometimes it can be hard to pressure-test without cutting into the plumbing but assuming you have unions at key equipment areas (pump and filter), they could pull the pump, for example, and pressure-test the suction line but they would also need to cap the skimmer lines and MD.

    The return lines would also need the same treatment with sealing all of them at the pool. Did they use water or air for the pressure-testing? Did they pressure test AFTER 'fixing' things, too? I should take some time to get everything sealed up good and isolated.

    So I guess if you didn't witness anything, you'd have to trust that they pressure-tested all relevant plumbing and did it correctly. If so, then something was missed as it sure sounds like you have a leak and it is reaching your sump pump. Get a sample of the water your sump pump is pumping and measure it for CYA. CYA isn't going to 'naturally' (I think) show up in ground water so if you find CYA in this water, then I'd say odds are excellent it is coming from your pool. Your pool water is kind of 'marked' as pool water due to CYA. If you don't measure any, then the water might be from something else. I'm guessing you don't have an auto-fill since it would likely mask the problem and you'd only find out about the water leak when your water bill arrived!
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